Gladiator Guy!

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Mmmm, I think one of my new favourite fruits are Chirimoyas (thanks rost0037 for the name! :D), they are delicious. Please, if you haven't tried one, act today and go and get one! You deserve it!

Okay, I admit it: I didn't make any raw Halloween treats. Instead, I agreed to go to the pub with my dad and brother. Hmm, I only approved to go because it's Smoke-Free! ;) Actually, it's a pretty nice place to hang out.

Andddd I beat their arses (asses :) at Pool!!!!!!! Haha!
Okay, I didn't exactly win but I came pretty darn close. Not bad for my first time, eh (ah, I hope it's not just 'beginners luck'!).

Ohhh, we also went to an old friends house, and she has loadsssss of fruit trees!! Of course, most of them had no fruit except a fig tree! Yayyyyy! Mmmm, they also have a Mulberry tree, and they said we can come back in May for those! ;)

My mum was talking to the lady (Claudine) about my diet and such, and she was reallyyyyyy interested! - especially about green smoothies, surprisingly ;) She even asked me to come back and do a demo for her, and that she will pay for the produce!! Woooooop, how cool is that?!!

Me with a different friend, Cara, in mum's friends garden (:

Awww, Claudine had such a cute dog that seemed to like washing a lot, as practically the whole time we were there, he staying in the washing bag! (;

Claudine's mum is a very successful statue maker (is that how you say it?), and she has an array of statues' in her garden. In fact, in India, there's a whole public park dedicated to her with all her statues in! They're also scattered around all over the place around where I live.
Here are just a few photo's of many that were there:

After, we went on a walk in a rural park/public grassy place and I found a persimmon tree!!! Okay, the tree it might have actually been in someone's garden as I found out afterwards (signs are confusing) but anyways, I never even knew they could grow here!! :O
Unfortunatly, they weren't yet ripe.

I'll have to come back for them.

My brother has left now :( But before he went we go to go to this Martial Arts thingy, where they show off. It was Very good. Most of it, anyway. We didn't stay for the whole thing, as it went on in till 1AM, no joke! (it started at 6:30PM).

Before it started

We meet this Gladiator guy there who was meant to go on scene, but unfortunately we left before we could see him on stage.
Gladiator guy and my brother.

Gladiator guy getting a drink... as you can see, I'm distracted by shiny objects

Oh oh, cool news! They have raw crackers hereeee!!!!!!
hm, except I read an interview of the person who owns them and he thinks he invented them. Ha! If only he knew.....

Thanks for reading!