Totally disgusted!!! :(

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Ahhh, this kind of this just makes me so mad, and it makes me think how inhuman and proves how disconnected with our natural alignment we have become....

Me and my mum went to the Old Town (in Switzerland, Geneva) to go to a presentation about the Marutiré (it's like the equivalent of A Levels) that mum has persuaded me to think of as an option to do next year.... and anywayyy, mum got the date wrong ;) so we ended up walking around... and there are plenty of little boutiques around there (all of them were shut as it was late).
So anyway, I looked at the display at one of these little shops... and was HORRIFIED to see a dead animal scarf with a HEAD looking back at me....

Grr, I was so upset :(
My mum said we should email PETA about them ;)
But then.. even worse, on the same shop's display, they had a poster saying 'animal du soir' (animal of the evening) showcasing different types of fur coats for different occasions. :(

I wish that shop was open so I could of given them a real telling off! ;)

I mean, this sort of thing should be illegal!!!!!! :(


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Green juice is back!!!!! ;)

On a nother note... we nearly got burgled (sp?), I got locked out of the appartement (Okay okay, and YES it might have been me that accidently locked myself out), we had to get a locksmith the but locksmith couldn't even bloody open the door (but he made up for it with his humour :) and we had to have the handle and lock taken off... and other things... but more about all of this later :)

Have a nice dayy!


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Seeing as I eat so many lettuce heads, we bought a whole crate of 12 and got 10% off :)
Yay, my mum is going on a juice feast with me the week after next!!
Can't wait!!

YUM! I've been eating 1-3 heads a day! :O

OOhhhhh, exciting news:
I'm going to try and do a Raw delivery service!! :)
I've already done the menus & stuff, I'm going to put some up in my local health food stores soon, and bring them along to the next raw potluck! :)

Ohhhh, so I made these fudge truffles for a friend.......

This was it before I rolled them up n stuff:


Place ingredients in blender:


Make sure it looks like fudge!: ;)

Pour into a container:


My mum LOVED this amond milk, she said it was so creamy and soothing! :)
(it had coconut oil, vanilla and some agave)

Mum was feeling unwell yesterday when she got back and said she had a headache and the chills, so I made her a PURE shot of ginger juice! OUCH!
She felt IMMEDIATELY better, her headache and her chills diminished!... but I had to go get her some coconut water STRAIGHT away, because that stuff is HOT!! :)

Bbrrrrrrr, It's cold here!!!!
Have an awesome day!! :D


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Oh, a lovely friend was kind enough to bring me back some raw stuff from her trip to the US this winter hols! (:

ohhh, look at that colour!! :)

The sprouted flax powder seriously tastes like short-bread!! >.< Hehe, my raw inventory is growing! :O

Ooohhh, and my mum (who is now Okay :) brought me back a really wierd-but-cool looking Lebanese Chirimoya!... Yum, yum!! It was delicious!!!

(usually, chirimoyas have a smoother skin, but this one was lumpy!! :D)

mmmm, it was PERFECTLY ripe! *drool*

I also made some Raw Macaroons for mum and dad...
they are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about them!! (:
(they know how to make them by heart now! :P)

The recipe is originally adapted from Raw Food, Real World:
It's practically coconut flakes, a sticky sweetener (I used organic pear syrup because we didn't have agave)
and then add either ground almonds (to make blonde macaroons)
or cacao powder (to make choco macaroons)
Opps, I forgot to add that these were then dehydrated until they became crispy on the outside, but still chewy on the inside! :)


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Sorry guys, I know I promised to update on Saturday,
but I've just caught up with school! :(
Will do soon though! :D

There's a lot of pictures to show you!...


A New Page!

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I'm back :)
I'll update tomorrow! (:

Happy New Year!!!!!