Colonic Day!

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Oh my, I went for my first colonic today! My mum did one too!
I'll save you guys the grew some details, but it really does make you think about what you eat!

The colonist said that she thought my colon was very healthy, although I did have alot of old waste that came up, making me feel 5 pounds lighter!

Plus, my mum lost two pounds today! Lol!
She really felt the difference, and said she will never look at food in the same way again.

Other news... ;)
My brother is here! Yay!
Im making him Green Smoothies every day for breakfast - he loves them!

My Brother's Breakfast: Banana/spinach Green Smoothie w/ fresh Bee Pollen sprinkled on top. Served with a prickly pear and a passion fruit (:

Plus, I've been reading to him from some of my Raw Books!
He's really so supportive, and also genuinely interested, which is cool, of course!

Ohhh, andd the health store is selling organic Sharron fruit now!!!
I was disappointed with the first few though, as they were seedless.
But then I came across a few with seeds! (:

I found out they had Raw Almond butter, too.
I'm eating too much of it now! Ekkkkk!! (;
Oh no, now I'm craving it again!

Hmm, Halloween today, except we are celebrating it tomorrow, as we kind of forgot!
I can't wait to make some scary raw treats!

That's it for now!
Happy Halloween!
Have an awesome day!
Me and my Bro (:


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Wow, I've just finished a whole day of a Anusara Yoga course of 5 hours yoga (with a lunch break in between - I bought my own :), and I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!

I was be able to go into a proper Lotus position for the first time! (Someone took a picture of me while I was doing it - Okay, i might be smiling, but OUCH! it ached - but in a goodish way!!!)

I found out about this course on Wednesday at our monthly Raw Food Meet up. David, the founder, is very into yoga, and this month had some very special yogis all the way from Colorado staying at his flat. They were doing a trip around Europe, and Geneva, Switzerland was their last stop.

This was taken from

I met Amy, the teacher, at the meet up for the first time before the course.
She is SO amazing and kind and beautiful, and I can relate to her in many many ways.
She turned vegan when she was 15 and was always a little different from the crowd I just felt totally comfortable around her.

She's also doing a yoga retreat in Chile soon.
Ahhh, I wish I could go! (;

There was actually sessions going on this whole weekend, and Friday evening.
I went to Friday's one and today's only, because as much as I would have loved to attend everyone, we just couldn't afford it.
But, wow, just wow! Friday wasn't a very good day for me at all at school and I came back considering even to cancel the yoga. But I'm so glad I didn't cancel!!!!!
I felt SO good afterwards, all of the troubles at school were forgotten, or pushed down.

And today it just kept getting better!!
With Amy's help I managed to do a full back bend (bridge) then go on my tiptoes while in that position and sway myself up to standing. then from standing, I bent back down into the position. I have never been able to do this, and have actually always been scared of doing it. But I put my complete trust in her, and voilà!

This is the 'chant' we sing before starting.
It really does calm you down and gets you to feel all of the vibes from the other people (note: some letters have accents on them, but I don't know how to add the on this). It also really does sound beautiful when sung:


Namah Shivaya Gurave
I honour the essence of Being, the Auspicious One,
the luminous Teacher within and withou

Satchidananda Murtaye
Who assumes the forms of Truth, Conciousness, and Bliss

Nishprapanchaya Shantaye
Is never absent, full of peace,
Niralambaya Tejase
Ultimatly free and sparkled with a divine luster.


The place where the classes were situated were magnificent.

It was so peaceful. Surrounded by vineyards.
I took some pictures.
Of course :)Vineyards!
I tried one, but it was a bit sour

I feel so much more flexible now. But of course, I have to keep it up.
I plan to keep doing yoga classes at least once a week -yay!

Oh, and another wow!
Yesterday at the health food store, there was this amazing fruit.
I've forgotten what it's called, but BOY is it good!
My dad attacked it like a caveman, no lie (!).

That's it for now!
How is your yoga getting along!? :D


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Just a quick update!
I've been listening to RAWkathon; It's brilliant!
It really is amazing how much more you can learn.
and some of the points made really resonate with me.
I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Adams interview, especially the end part just really resonated with me.

I would of loved to have watched it again, and shown it too my parents, but alas I didn't take note that they are only available for a 24 hour period!

I was taking notes throughout the video.
Here are some of the notes i took!, so those of you who didn't watch this interview can get a hold of some of the main points:

  • Plant based protein vs animal protein
    • meat is contaminated
      • FDA approved: chicken food to be fed to cows (Okay, I knew meat is contaminated but sheesh!
    • Fear hormones - you ingest the fear that went through the animal before slaughter, for example
      • You are what you eat
    • Environment (Most of us know this, but I was also just writing down some main factors :)
      • The world can't take it
  • Individualized living - one size [diet] does not fir all
  • Be your own detective
  • If you get your [nutritional] information from mainstream media, you are going to live a live of extreme deception
  • Cancer is not complicated - 'easier to cure than the common cold'
  • Protect sustainable life
    • Not limited to just human life (!)
  • Protect genetic code
  • Be empowered by knowledge
  • We have to live in harmony in nature, or we won't live at all
    • We have to realize that the world doesn't need us (humans) - it would even be better off with out us! - meaning we don't have an excuse to dominate
Although this doesn't summarize the whole video, I hope it gives you some clues about what he talked about.
I just really hope it ends up on Youtube, it's so great! I know that these interviews are available on DVD, but - my! - are they expensive (although I'm not doubting the quality of them at all!) and I just can't pay that right now, unfortunately.

Haha, another things I've come to realize, is that raw foodists seems to use the word resonate alot.... :D

Anyway, just to say I'm really enjoying the Rawkathon, and a big thank-you to all involved.

I hope you're all benefiting from them just as much!

Have an awesome day!


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I've just been thinking a lot recently (:

Some people may find my lifestyle extreme.
These are just some of my recent thoughts.

I find it extreme that people eat chemicals made in a lab with out any thought,
I eat food made by nature, unadulterated and unheated

I find it extreme that people eat meat that has been intensely farmed with out any guilty consistence,
I eat food that has been fairly harvested, and that does not destroy the planet.

I could go on....

This was one of THE best dragon fruits I've EVER had! (:

On a lighter note... ohhh im thinking about doing a raw Food Delivery service and a raw dinning service in my appartment!!
I will update with further news about it sooooon! (:

Bees... & My present diet

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Ah, I just love taking pictures of bees. They are such complex, beautiful little animals!
Here are a few I took recently! (:

I'm always surprised at how well they come out (the quality) as I take them with my phone camera!

So anyway, sorry about that little detour... Back to raw food!
My diet evolves, and changes. My diet now is complete different to say, a few months ago.

For me, it depends on the season (winter, summer), what's in season (I try to buy as local as poss), etc..
Nowerdays, i feel mostly drawn to LOADS of veggies, lots of greens (including tons of herbs) a little seaweed everyday, low fat (an avocado here and there, or some sprouted seeds) and i don't eat that much fruit - although don't get me wrong; i have my fruit days too! (;
I do include Raw honey and fresh pollen though... so I guess I'm a raw bee-gan.
But not from anywhere... I know the bee-keeper and I get it at my market.
It's organic, local and raw plus he really cares about his bees.

Although at the moment, I'm kind of a liquidarian.
But this is because I've just got my braces on!! OUCH!!
They hurt! For the first few days I couldn't even chew a banana!

Here are some more I've taken (:

I'd be really interested to what people's opinions are of raw, local, organic honey and bee products. I feel good supporting my local bee-keeper, but I'd like to know other people's views on this, as I know some people are against it.

So, what do you think!?

Mountain Yurt Experience!

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For my Birthday a while back (3rd of August) we went up to the mountains to spend the night in a... YURT!!!
I had told my parents that i would like to end up living in a yurt somewhere hot, and so they made arrangements for us to stay in one for a night highhhhh up in the mountains over 2KM high, above Montreux (in Switzerland) in a place calledRochers-de-Naye.. ABSOLUTE BLISS!!

Simply breath-taking views

We were really lucky the first day, and had perfect weather.
We went on a walk and i took soooooooo many pics of simply GORGEOUS wild flowers!

I love this one, because of the swirly shadow that the stalk bit in the middle casts!

Of course, i had to bring along some raw creations to last our journey.
I had enough so that we could all (me, my dad, and my mum)
eat the same as my Birthday meal.
It had to be simple, and not messy as were were travelling,
so i made a raw dish of courgette spaghetti with pesto with salad
- we looooove greens!
Along with a chocolate avocado mouse topped with divine edible flowers and banana ice-cream.

They gave us a free bottle of Champagne - my dad drank it all to himself(;

And the yurt was absolutely amazing! Simply stunning, on the interior and exterior.

Such spectacular flowers!

On our walk, we climbed up a little (well, not that little.. :) mount and arrived at a dazzling view on top....

The view from the top

On out way down, this guy with his two teenage kids started to take pictures of us.
We started talking to them when we eventually got down, and he explained to us that he has made it his mission to do at least 3 good deeds a day ("3 bonnes actions") for other people.
He asked us for our email so he could send us the pictures. This was his 2nd selfless act today, he said.

I thought this was a brilliant concept to immerse into everyday life.

So, what good deeds have you done today? :)

Raw in Spain!

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A little while ago, me and my mum went for a long weekend in Palma, Mallorca, to attend mum's friends wedding.
I bought a mango, and some other bits and pieces through with me on to the plane, thinking i would make it last the weekend, but as usual, there was only enough for breakfast the next day! (;

But, i thought, as it was Spain, and hot (to my standards!) i fought out to find a market. Mum warned me not to expect organic produce.
Well, not ONLY did we find an organic stand (YAY!) but they had my favourite AMAZING sharron fruit (also known as persimmons) and avocados and herbs, and tomatoes and sprouts etc.. (you get the idea.. :) that i stocked up on but they also had RAW CRACKERS!! That's right, they had Raw sprouted flax crackers!!! from this lovely lady:
I gave most of the crackers to my mum, but did have a nibble and they were gorgeous, because dehydrated food doesn't seem to work too well with me. (:

ohhhhhh, wow!


Simple, but ohhh so yummy!

We had LOADS of pictures, plus one of me standing in front of the stall (it was an inside food market) BUT mums phone got stolen on the LAST DAY!! In fact, it was on our way to the airport to LEAVE!!!! :(
Although i did take a few on my phone.

One thing i did notice while eating the organic sharron fruits was that they have large SEEDS in them, and i had never noticed that before. So, just out of curiosity, when we got back to France i picked up a persimmon at my local market, and sure enough, NO SEEDS. it was really a shame when i saw this because its just like seedless grapes, its not natural.

So, how did Spain go for a raw teenager like myself?

Well, there were some awkward times, especially as food was served. They eat dinner at 10pm or later! (i eat it at around 5, depending when i end school). The first night, we went to like (sorry, i say like alot - too much :) a little before-celebration to all meet up before the big finale, and out of ALL of the people there, something like 95% were family of the husband to be!!! (the bride is English, the groom is Spanish) Also, the the building were the party was set was owned by his family, and was divided into about 6 flats and all lived in by close reletivs! (he had his grandma living underneath!) How cool!

Although, this did make me feel alittle out of place, as they all knew each other, all were speaking Spanish (the next language i would love to learn! :) and already probably thought i was a little odd because i wasn't eating at 10:30 at night!!
But, i have to say, by the end of the weekend, i got on with everybody SO well, and the brooms parents even welcomed us to stay in her house if ever we are around that area again! How nice!

Ohhh, we went walking around around and we saw olive trees, date trees, lemon trees, orange trees, POMAGRANTE trees (i took pictures but, yeah..).. SO beautifull!!!

Wow! The 'wedding' Saturday night turned out to be more of a rave than anything else!! They had a DJ, lights, and we all danced through the night!!! It was the first time in agesssssss that i had worn a dress and heels, so my legs were killing when we finally went home at 5AM. Oh yeah, and out flight back was at 7AM!


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Hellooo, just a quick, short update!
Yesterday evening, we went for our usual walk around our village, up to a casle, nd on the way we pass a fig tree.
We thought it was too cold a climate for the fruit to come out and its already wayy past summer, butttt to our plesent surprise, some were ripe!!!
yayyy! mmmmmmmm, figs! ;) my fav!
Here are some pics!

mmm, our wonderfull collection of figs straight off the tree! (:

Secret window looking onto the gates of the castle (;

Hhh... iv got to tell you though.. it took some work to get these lil' beauties down - it involved climbing a wall taller than me! :D
But it was worth it!

I'll leave you with a quote
"If you can dream it, you can achieve it"

... and i certainly dreamed about getting those figs down! (;


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Hi there!
I'm Aj (short for Alma-Jade), a 15-year old raw vegan teenager. In short, this blog (my first blog ever) will hopefully serve as much as an eye opener for a wide range of people as it will for myself! as it is a way to release a lot of held-back emotions clogging me up, plus telling my story along the way! :)

So, a quick résumé about me! :

During my journey of where I am now, i have been through very dark moments of self-hatred, self.abuse (some physical but mostly metal), and times when I felt so alone and isolated that i could have been the last person on earth and it wouldn't have make a difference. I went from being a very active social being, to one that shunned myself away, in fear of being ridiculed.

But, i find that the longer i am raw, the more confident I get, and i now really enjoy sharing and giving advice about the raw vegan lifestyle, and also I am not shy to talk to anyone, and now thoroughly enjoy expressing myself and spreading positive vibes to everyone I meet, even strangers on the bus :)

I am also truly blessed to have parents like mine, how have come to accept and embrace my way of life.

Another great gift in my life is my brother, Liam. He is truly the best brother in the world. I am sincerely grateful to him always.

And to my grandparents, especially Baka (meaning grandma in Croatian) who started this, and put me on the right track towards where I am now.

If you would like to, or are interested about finding out more about my journey, then i am currently in the middle of writing a book, so watch this space! :)

Hope you enjoy reading my blog! :)
Have an awesome day!