WOW! Cherries Galore, raw cherry jam and, update on my Bacony garden!!

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Ooooooo, I've got exciting news!!!!!!!!
I'm off to Spain to WWOOF!!

I'm leaving on Sunday to Malaga with my brother (he's 23 :)!!!!
Hmm, I'm not sureee if I'l be able to blog while I'm there BUT
don't worry! I'll take PLENTY of photos to update you guys when I'm back!!

We're going for 2 1/2 weeks!! Untill August 6th...
Although we haven't bought the flights back yet!! :S
Well, I probably wouldn't mind not coming back! ... XD

Oooo I looove the markets on Satadays!!..
This is one of my fav stalls:

They don't treat any of their produce, and their stall always looks soo beautiful..
They have THE best figs!!!!!

Ops! I forgot to post these photos of our mulberry adveture at a friends house a few weeks back!!..
Here is our bounty!

OMG Pink mulberries re my FAVVVVV EVER!
They taste like, CANDY!! Liquid sugar!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

She also ad goosberries and cranberries in her garden.. SOO pretty!! :)

I made my brother some raw truffles to send him through the post, as he was going to a festival and wnted something healthy to eat.. and yummy :) He loveddd these:

They're Ani Phyo's recipe of Donut holes (dried pinneapple, almonds, sea salt, vanilla, dates, dried coconut), except I just rolled them up and covered them in coconut shavings :)

I've got into a habit of making my dad (who works from home) a raw lunch most days :)
They are gourmet raw, which I tend not to eat anymore as an 80/10/10er, but my dad loves them!! And their MUCH healthier then what he WOULD have... :)

Raw Lasanga

Ooops sorry It's the wrong way round!!..
Raw Spegetti ... spiralized cougette with a raw cre
am cheeze sauce (cashews, garlic, water, lemon juice, sunflower seeds) served with Onion Carrot crackers and an extra side saladd with a sauce of the left over Marinara sauce form the Lasagna :)

Ermm, I don't know what to call these! ;)
They are just slices of cucumber slathered with the raw cream cheeze, olives, chopped red bell pepper, and some mint... one has also got some raw pesto on (almonds, basil, olive oil, garlic, sea salt) and one has got a sun-dried tomato paste

Raw pizza.. made with the same sauces as the lasanga but on raw Sesame Sunflower seed crackers topped with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, tomatoes and basil :)

Ooo, and it was recently my god mother's b-day, so I made her a raw lasagna :)
She LOVD it!
(I followed Ani Phyo's recipe :)

Made my mum and dad breakfast in bed :)
They each got one of these fruit salads with a green/beetroot juice:

Oooo yes, about those cherries ;)...

We went to a friend's house a few weeks back who had a MASSIVE cherry tree!!!

We picked SOOOOOOOOOO many.....

Probably more than 15kilos!!!!!

We had soo many, and they were VERY ripe, and so had to be consumed QUICK.

Even me, who eats ALOT of fruit, could not possibly finish of this! XD

So, we came up with stuff to do with them....



I'm not a fan of dried fruit but.. YUMM! These make THE BEST fat-free courgette pasta sauce!!!!!!!!!...
For the sauce:

-1/2 small cucumber
-3 medium tomatoes
-handful of raw dried cherries
-optional: coriander, basil....

YUM! OMG! THE BEST.. you can even eat it as a soup!!! It's SOOO good!!!

At first, I had to pick them B

I had to do this for MOST of them ... untill we got a cherry pitter!!!...


Yes!! It's possible... and VERY VERY YUMMY!!!!!
Recipe for Raw Cherry jam: (I use a small 150ml cup)
Base: - 1 cup (arounf 10) deglet noir dates, - 1 1/2 cups pitted cherries
Blend in Vitamix untill smooth
Add: around 4 cups more pitted cherries
Proccess in base untill chunky

We made ALOT of jam... which went VERY quickly!! :)


These are a yummy treat.. great for travelling!
I am bringing these to Spain with me!
They were made with: cherries, banana and dates


OMG SOO GOOD! has the same ingredients as the fruit rolls! but in Smoothie Form ;)

Our lovely friend we went to get the cherries from, kindly gave us some MASSIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE home-grown beetroot!...

They had a lovely garden!!!...

They were growing MELON!!!!!
Ahhh, I wish we had a garden!!!!!! :)

Well...... Here's how my BALCONY garden is going!!...

From Flowers.....

To forming ickle tomatoes!!....

To coming out as cherry tomatoes!!..

These are my big toms growing!!:

None are ripe yet, but they're getting there!!!!!

Arg, you can't quite see it in the pic, but this green juice juice is PURPLE!!..
How? Purple cabbage!! :)

We went to a friends and had a Juice Party!!...

YUMMY Flat peaches from the market!!!:


Just a quick post to share an article :) :

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I'm always excited to see articles in magazines against meat, or about veg*nism.. and I just thought I'd share this one about the detrimental effects that meat has on the environment :)

(Click to ENLARGE :)

From the Newscientist magazine


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Ohhhhhh, I just HAD to blog about this straight awayyyyy!!!...
I just wanted to share a revelation :D

It's a miracle!!!! My dad is officially 2 VERY LARGE steps more to being VEGAN!...

My parents have finally STOPPED buying and drinking milk
"It makes sense after all this time... NO, no more milk" is what my dad said.
This. Is. Groundbreaking.
My dad is the type of guy who is known to drink milk straight from the carton!

Plus, he went out to a restaurant tonight with friends to a place where all the meat is organic and free range and said he took one bite of meat and stopped. He knew that it would be his last.
He said this surprised him because he was actually looking forward to a little bit of guilty 'pleasure'! But he said he just couldn't take one more bite. WOO!

Well, actually, my dad admitted to committing to 100% vegan at home now (WOOOO!), but he says the difficulty comes when going out and when with friends.

Well, It'ul get there!
I'm so proud :D

I've rubbed off on him after all :) :D

My dad's lunch of raw vegan Pizza! made by me :) :
(Ani Phyo's black sesame bread, raw seed cheeze, raw tomato sauce, olives, tomato, sun-dried tomato and onion :)