Happy Winter Solstice before I go!!

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I just wanted to say
Happy Winter Solstice
before I go off to Holland!!!!!!!
I'll update when I get back... With lots of photos! .D

Bleg, I've got loads of homework to do..
Not fair!

My (rented) skis!! (:

I went skiing on Sunday!...
More details when I get back

Hehe :) Skiing goggles!!

Do NOT, i repeat do NOT blend Kakis (persimmons) with ANYTHING!!!!!!!
(Or at least mango!)
I'll tell you about this sad event when I return!! ;)


And...Go have a green Smoothie!!

On Holidayyy!!!!

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YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I'm on Holidayyyyyyyyy!!!!!
*sigh of relief, joy, and liberation* :P

Okay.... Calm down now ;)

EEeee, I'm going to Holland / The Netherlands (My grand parents live there)
for Winter Solstice (Christmas)!
And my christmas present????
Well, I asked for nothing, BUT as my mum insisted
(I am easily persuaded.... ;)
I am getting a BIGGGG, and I mean BIGGGG
box of fruit from Orkos!!!!!!! ... Of course not ALL for me!!! (;
I feel SO grateful!

It's getting send to Holland, and
OF COURSE I'm going to take photos of it!! :D
... I'll post them when I get back as we don't have a computer there...
I am getting a WHOLE durian!! :D
for my Christmas diner/lunch centre piece :D

What else?
YAY! my dad's hereeee!! :D
... I feed him his Bday Raw cake!!...

This is before I decorated it...

And after!...

He LOVED it!
I'm so happy!
I asked him how it was, but he was too busy going
"mmmmmm, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh"

Yummy grenadine (sp?)...

Yummy mango concoction!...

Yummy beetroot avo soup ...

Sorry, I keep saying yummyyyy all the time..
I just can't help it!!
It's just that the food I eat IS

Hope you guys have an amazing, amazing Winter Solstice/Christmas/Hanaka or whatever you celebrate! :D ....
I'm off to make some home-made Christmas cards!! :D
(and of course using recycled paper!!!! :D)

At last!!!

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Eekkkk! This is gunna be one long post! Hope you don't mind (;
This post is gunna have ALOT of pics!! So get ready!...
Sorry It's been so long! :S
All my teachers are cramming as much homework, essays and tests in before the holidays as they possibly can! (;...
Last night at 12PM I finished my 4000 word essay on SHAKESPEARE!!
(actually, it was 4,240 words :) that was due in for today about Macbeth....
AND did my oral presentation.... and got an A* WOOP!
(I was SO incredibly nervous,
but once I got up there in front of the class, it was surprisingly easy & fun! ;)
I'm SOOO glad that's all over and done this!! XD

Okay.. Onto the post!!
Right, this was the post I was MEANT to post last Saturday, but was too busy....

Me and mum have signed up to helping a cat sanctuary! We help out cleaning ect... last weekend was the first time we went. We were meant to go yesterday too (it's every weekend) but we were too busy ): There are kittens, cats, and they've even got these really lovely, really fat pigs! that they saved from the butchers! :D They are SO sweet.... Ohhh, we spotted at least 3 RAW books in our health food store!! Even one form Kate Wood (Kate Magic)!!... all translated in French! It was quite disappointing though because NONE of them had ANY photo's of the most beautiful raw food!!!! So, one of my next projects is to print a RAW recipe and information book in French, with LOTS of beautiful and wonderful pictures!! as I feel it's a really important aspect as raw food is SO worthy!! :D

Okayyyyyyyyy....... now back to the present...

I have been making LOTS of YUMMY raw food for mum!!!

Above stuff are something like a raw pizza/thingy type things that, i'm glad to say, she absolutly LOVED!

This is a mum's raw sandwich she took to work for lunch (:

...I'm still juicing most breakfasts but I'm eating raw soups and smoothies for the rest...
I now seem only attracted to liquidized foods!! ...
Maybe it is just a phase XD
But my body feels only like really simple foods...
no oils, no dehydrated foods ect
(but I must admit, I've been enjoying a few soaked RAW cashews in my soups, ever since I tried my first RAW cashews a couple days ago.... more on this in a min ;)
But like seriously, even if I look at a mango, I'm like..
"Mmmmm, that would be nice blended!!"

The only other foods I feel i want to eat without blending is..
raw sauerkraut! YUMMMM

But I must admit that this is because
I tried to blend some in in my raw soup, it tasted delish
but I couldn't finish it so I put the rest in the fridge,
for like only 4 hours and it started to ferment!!!! :(
It went all fuzzy and felt like soda in my mouth and I had to throw it out!! nooooo!...
Well, lesson learned!! XD

Ohhh, it's so cool!!!
As I'm juicing alot still
(not everyday though... I keep running out of produce!!),
and I really feel bad throwing all that pulp away...
WELL I found out a really good way to use it ALL up (inspired by a post on gi2mr about using the pulp in raw burgers)..
Raw bread!!!!

This is just ONE 'flavour' I even made PURPLE bread from a base of beetroot juice!!
(It was a real hit at the raw food potluck!! ;

So I've been making STACKS for my mum!!!!
She has NOT got an excuse to go out and get (cooked) bread now! XD
haha! (;

All I do is add raw olive oil, a little raw Celtic sea salt, and if desired some herbs/died herbs to the pulp..
and if you want to make it REALLY fancy, add in olives or tomatoes.. the possibilities are ENDLESS!!
I've found that this works WAY better than ANY raw bread/cracker recipe I've tried!!!
Plus.. it LOOKS (mostly:) like bread,
it FEELS like bread,
and according to my mum.. it tastes BETTER than bread!!
haha! :D

I received a lot of orders from the internet recently....
Like this Keimling one that I ordered to make my dads RAW BDAY CAKE!!
(See below for more details :)
Ohhhh and they sent us some free raw truffles!
and like they were THE best I've EVER tried!!!!!

2.5kg RAW cashews!!! (they were on sale!!! :)

Ohhh, I also got an Amazon Herb
order, which is AWESOME!
I received dygestive enzymes, and Aquazon
(a mix of Klamath Lake fresh water algae, Aphanizonemon flos-aquae (AFA) and South American marine algae (SAMA)) amongst other things...
Its soooo coool!!... The algae stuff GLITTERS!!
This is what it looks like stirred in coconut water...
(I'm so proud of this photo! :D :P)

What else have I been making??
Wellllll, it was my Dad's on the 8th!
He's in England at the moment for work :(
but as I thought he would be coming back last week
(but he couldn't make it :(... but he's coming this Wednesday! :)
I made some raw chocolate.....

Anddd a raw cake!!!!!
I'll go through the stages I made it in...
BTW.. I'm SO sorry about these low-quality photos...
It's the awful WINTER light (or shall I say lack of it)
that makes me need to put the flash on....

Anywayyy.. Here's the cake tutorial!:

The Base:

Made of sliced bananas :)
To make the cake a lil' lighter (;

First Layer:
Mango choco/coconut layer going on base... YUM!!!

Here it is spread out.Then I added more sliced banana on top :)

Then, I added the Second layer: kiwi coco (:

Here it is spread out (:

Thennn came the Third layer: Bery something-or-rather (;
Btw, it was actually purple this layer... but it didn't come out in the pic cuz of
the flash! ):
Here it is in the blender!:

Here it is spread out.

And then here is the whole cake without the icing/frosting.
It didn't get that hard as I didn't freeze it, I just popped it in the fridge for a couple hours (overnight)

Now comes the frostingggg!!!! yayay!!

Here it is nice and smooooooth!

Here it is just spread on :)

And again....

I will post a pic of it when I have finished decorating it....
I haven't done that yet, as it's going to be eaten on Wednesday :)
Can't wait!! :D

Btw, if anyone wants the recipe, just ask!
And I'll post it up (:

Here are just some pics of food served over the last few days :D

This mango was to live for!!!

Yummy green juice!!!!

This was the cheeze (sprouted sunflower seed cheese) before it went in the dehydrator....And this is after!:

Finished product!:
Yet another raw pizza for mum!!
To me, the cheese looks real! :O

This is some raw, sprouted home-made cashew butter

Random raw foodstuff things:

It's nice to be back!!