On Holidayyy!!!!

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YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I'm on Holidayyyyyyyyy!!!!!
*sigh of relief, joy, and liberation* :P

Okay.... Calm down now ;)

EEeee, I'm going to Holland / The Netherlands (My grand parents live there)
for Winter Solstice (Christmas)!
And my christmas present????
Well, I asked for nothing, BUT as my mum insisted
(I am easily persuaded.... ;)
I am getting a BIGGGG, and I mean BIGGGG
box of fruit from Orkos!!!!!!! ... Of course not ALL for me!!! (;
I feel SO grateful!

It's getting send to Holland, and
OF COURSE I'm going to take photos of it!! :D
... I'll post them when I get back as we don't have a computer there...
I am getting a WHOLE durian!! :D
for my Christmas diner/lunch centre piece :D

What else?
YAY! my dad's hereeee!! :D
... I feed him his Bday Raw cake!!...

This is before I decorated it...

And after!...

He LOVED it!
I'm so happy!
I asked him how it was, but he was too busy going
"mmmmmm, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh"

Yummy grenadine (sp?)...

Yummy mango concoction!...

Yummy beetroot avo soup ...

Sorry, I keep saying yummyyyy all the time..
I just can't help it!!
It's just that the food I eat IS

Hope you guys have an amazing, amazing Winter Solstice/Christmas/Hanaka or whatever you celebrate! :D ....
I'm off to make some home-made Christmas cards!! :D
(and of course using recycled paper!!!! :D)


Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Aj!!

Did you receive my last email..??!! I've send it bout 2 days ago!!!!!!

Oh oh...the cake looks scrumptious!!
Why didn't you try a piece..!!???
Girl,next time you HAVE TO DO THIS!! =DDD

Aj,I also got LOADS of PRODUCE BOXES ...!!!! They've just arrived!! =DD hah I LOVE such presents!!! =D

Hope to hear from you!!!!!!!!!


ajchanter said...

hahaha!! Thank you!!!!!!

No I didn't have *a* piece... how about 5?
:D I would have made a few changes... ohh yeah I forgot I was going to post the recipe up! :D
I will next time!!

Oh oh! what did you get??!!
Haha, I love packages! XD

... I just sent you an email!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paulina said...

Lucky you! I have thirty more minutes 'til I'm officially on break. That's so cool that you're getting a whole box of fruit. I actually would love that! In fact, I asked my sister to get me a box of medjool dates or a whole bag of avocados.

Happy Holidays!