Stephen Hawking lecture !

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Wow, we went to see Stephen Hawking on Tuesday, as he was doing a lecture here at one of the universities in Geneva!!!

It was about 'The Creation of the Universe'.......

Unfortunatly, there were SOOOOOOO many people they had to split them up into 10, yes 10!!!! different conference rooms with a sceen, and so only a certain number of lucky people could see him in 'person',
but still, it was amazing how he talked through a box, I still don't know how it works!
The lecture was in English of course, but I still couldn't understand some sentences, as it took a while to ajust to the voice of the box,
but it was amazing as the lecture was really humorous and inspirational!
Here are some pics:

Other news: We are starting our Juice Feast tomorrow!!!!!! woooooo!
It's so cool, read about what happened today here. :)))))

wow, it's getting confusing writing 2 blogs at a time!! ;))

Juice Feasting!

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Hello :)))

My mum, my flatmate and myself are all setting off on a Juice Feasting Journey!
Please, follow us if you want on a blog I created especially at: Follow Us Juice Feasting!

I'll still be blogging here about other stuff :) but I will be putting most stuff related to our Juice Feast on the other blog :)

Have a Juice day!

Going to Indiaaaaaaa!?!?!? ...And Tomato Snob!

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Hey guys!!!
Ahh, I'm finding it so hard to find time to post recently! Sorry!

We've now kindof settled in our new appartement, which we are sharing with a flat mate (who we knwo already... suchhh a nice guy, he started up the Raw Food Meetup we go to every month:)
Being in the city has it's downsides, like pollution and no garden BUT I have to say that I am LOVING the fact that there are markets EVERYDAY somewhere here in Geneva!! Heaven!! :DDD

Eeeeeeeeee, I might be going to Goa, India this Winter, but it's still not confirmed, so I'll update you when it is and why I'm going and what I'll be doing ;)

Other news!
I got my haircut!!!.. and I already regret it :( !!

Before, just a few days ago:

I readlly liked it long, i don't know what got into my head, but suddenly i wanted it cut and mum convinced me that i needed a cut since i havn't had one in over a year!

so my mum booked an appointment with Tony & Guy, of all places!
I brought my own organic shampoo, said my scalp was really sensitive to chemicals, so they didn't put any of their freadful animal-tested, chemically laden products onto my hair :)
The man who cut my hair was English, was really nice, BUT all he did was trim my hair (fair enough, i said i wanted to keep most of the length) and cut reaaaly simple fringe. It took 15 minutes. BUT heres the thing: it cost 140CH!! ... and thats with 20% reduction as I'm a student!!!
I mean seriously, it would have been oookay if it was like this maga complicated amazing cut, but REALLY all i had done was a TRIM!
it was kinda funny cuz after 10 mins he was like, Okay! I'm done! and i'm like, What!?!!
Anywhoo I'm gong back today to get a FREE additional haircut, as I complained (nicely) :S

So, I'l post an update piccie on how my hair tonight later :)

UPDATE: the ubouve bit was written last night, so here's my new hair ;)

Okayyy, so, I think you have an idea about my hair now ;)

Oh, about the Tomato Snob... :)
Well, recently tomatoes have been all the rage here at the markets!!..
And cuz i kindof know ALL of the stalls at ALL of the markets I know where i can get the really yummy ones really cheap!! ;) ... all ORGANICALLY grown of corse ;)
All different kind of Heiloom types and all!!!
Recently I've been getting my favorite Rosé de Berne for 1,50CH a kilo!!!! (=€1/kl) thats NOTHING!

SOO, what I've been having for breakfast, luch, and dinner (if I have it... last few weeks haven't had many dinners.. feel sooo much better when I don't have dinner!) ISSS.. a reallyyyy yummy LFRV salad mix! And I STILL havn't got bored of it XD
I put in...

-ALL kinds of tomatoes, my fav atm are : Rosé de Berne and the Green Zebra type

-Raw Fresh Yellow Sweetcorn, OH MY GODNESS!!! This stuff is heaven on a cob!!!!! I've shared it with numerous people and they are CONVERTED, they said they'lle NEVER cook their corn again ;) really guys, it TASTES like it has butter on it, it's sooo creamy and nutty! mmmmm ;)

-Chives, havn't had this in a while, but am putting it in all my salads for the moment ;)

-Sometimes a LFRV sauce made of blended tomatoes, raw medjool dates, basil from the balcony and sometimes either an orange or a mango or a peach :) YUMNES!!!

Hehe, our flatmate spotted a 'mold mouth' on one of the cherry tomatoes and made an awesome face out of it! XD

It's a Jekle and Hyde too... one side it's smiling.....

and one side it's frowning XD

I looooooove our new flat and for my mum and our lovely flatmate I've been making a LOAD of raw treats :) yay!:

grr, i din't write down the recipe - and these were a mega hit! - but I can rember vaguely what what in it...
cinnamon apple bars: processed in a food processor and then frozen: apples, goji berries, almond butter, lucuma, cinnamon...

almond butter, macadamia butter, mixed in a bowl with lucuma, agave nectar, cocao nibs, goji berries, crushed hazlenuts :) then frozen in silicon mini cupcake things :)
OMG... this is mum's ULTMATE favorite, and she usually doesn't like sweets!!! she said these were heaven :)...

A lovely friend from yoga invited us for dinner...
it turned out to be a crazzyyyyy evening XD
It was really nice, I bought some produce and made a lovely salad out of tomatoes, fresh corn and chives... and everyone was pinching dtuff from my plate saying how good it was XD

Here is (from left to right): David (our flatmate), Heike (lovely yoga friend), my dad XD, and me :)

From right to left: my mum, David, Heike, my dad

And THEN we found Huan (she's German, so it's a German name :), the mannican!!!
Ohhhhhhh, what fun we had!!!!!!!!.....

Ohhhh, and she had a head stand stool!!!!!!
Omg, so cool ;)
we all had a go!....

haha ;)

Here are some local photos of Geneva I took when we were in town/having a swim in the lake... (well, not litteraly while swimming, but by the lake ;)

Jet D'eau

This was such a cool band ;)

Ohhhh, some awesome friends from the raw food potluck invited us round to pick some peaches from their garden!!!
Of corse, we couldn't say no to that! ;)

And they really kindly gave us some Irish Moss!!!!
Ohhhhh, I'm so excited to play around with this for the next raw potluck ;)

Okay, since it takes SOOO long to organise the photos in this post, I realllyyyy can't be bothered to move these photos up ;) sorry! :)
So, here are the yumy tomatoes that are being gobbled up by none other than.... myself ;)

And some more Raw treats I've made for people:

sorry, I don't know why this is upside down!

Made this for my dad's raw lunch :)

Enjoy the end of the sun while it lasts!!!!