Been very busy!!!

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Sorry, I've been naughty and not updated!! ;)
Buuuuuut we are MOVING and I'm changing school atm so everything is quite HECTIC!!!

But, I did think it a bit mean of me not to at least post some pics, soooooooo... :)

Here are some more of Spain:

This is in the town we stayed in on the 2nd weekend of our 2 2/1 week visit to Spain . We visited a friend, Enrico. This is the well where most people wash their clothes and get their drinking water in the little village. :)

This is some yummy yummy peaches we got on the way back on the airport :)

This is the view from my and my brother's tent at the 'WWOOF'ing Finca/farm we stayed at!!

They had loads of plum trees ;)

Recent photos in France:

YUM! Plum vines from the market!! :) They're purple inside, yummy :)

We love organic tomatoes :) These were all gone in 3/4 days :)

My first yellow tomato on my balcony! :D yum!

YAYYYY!! Massive 12kilo water melon :DDD
Perfecttttttt, as it's been SOOOOOOOO hot here in France!!!!
This was eaten in 2 DAYS! :)

Yum, all lovely produce from the market plus the watermelon above :)
Figs, apricots, nectarines, peaches, reine claudes, bananas, tomatoes.... YUM! :)

FIGSSSS!! :D I'm crazy about figs :D

Soo, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to give a PROPER post about my experience in Spain!!!
Should be soon, as we are actually moving in TODAY!! and I'm starting a new school THIS MONDAY!!!
Wish me luck :D
Hop your all having fun x


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I've been back from gorgeous Spain for 3 days now, but have been and still am soooo busy!!!!!!
I have been choosing which school I attend next year and I am stuck in a dilemma which is making me crazzzzzzy!!!

Anywho, I WILL update on Spain and recent happenings soon, with LOADSSSS of piccies!!!!!

But, meanwhile, just because I hate posting without pics, here are some of Spain!! :)

Hope everyone is having a fab summer!!!