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Sorry for the lack of communication these days, my family and I are going through a very rough patch due to a devastating happening and would appreciate any positive vibes sent! :)

Meanwhile, I am still getting on with life! ;) And recently I catered some raw finger food and green juice for the opening of my friend's yoga centre! Yay! :D
The event was on Sunday, and I only got told 3 days before on Friday so a simple menu was in order! :)

The menu was:
- Marinated Veggie Boats with a raw peanut sauce (lettuce boats with spiralized beetroot topped with marinated veggies drizzled with a raw peanut sauce)
- Spring Onion Cream Cheese Dip
- Sun-dried Tomato & Coriander Humous Dip
- Hot Onion Carrot Crackers for dipping
- Chopped veggies (courgette, bell pepper, celery) for dipping
- Green juice (see 'unexpected twist 2) below!;)

It went so surprisingly well! :D I was so nervous but everyone was coming up and complimenting me and asking me if I sell my food or if I could cater for them or where they can order it! XD Wooo! :D:D I met some lovely people there, too!

2 things unexpected twists happened while making the food!:
1) I was looking for some red bell pepper to put in the cracker batter and I found a long red one! Yay! I sliced it ALL in but then my hands started burning!!!! Ahhhh, it was a jalapeno pepper! Of course with a WHOLE red one in there it would have been too spicy for even any 'expert' hot pepper eater! XD So I picked out most of the slices but it left a reaaally nice background "kick" in the flavor!
2) I was planning to make my 'Thai Green juice', made of spinach, coriander, apple and pineapple. But as I had only 3 days to plan everything, on the Sunday market (I wanted to get the juice ingredients as fresh as poss) but there was noooooo pineapple to be seen! So I had to find a replacement quick! Peaches, figs, nectarines apricots and all the season fruit the like does not juice well - so, I was left with... melons! I choose the yellow Canary melon and the Tiger melon (I think there called that, anyways :) and it went PERFECTLY! :D I liked it even better than the pineapple one!!! Yum, my new fav juice! :D

Raw peanut sauce (almond butter, garlic, ginger, lime juice, agave/dates/maple syrup, sea salt, curcuma) before the curcuma was added! Possibly the best sauce ever according to my mum! ;)

Sun-dried tomato Humous in the making! :D

With crackers to dip!

the Cracker batter!

Marinated veggies for the veggie boats!! :D

Spiralised beetroot mixed with poppy seeds for the veggie boats!

Green juice!


Random pics that I took from one of my latest walks along the lake!
The sky was sooooooooooooo beautifull!!!!!!":D:D