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Sorry for the lack of communication these days, my family and I are going through a very rough patch due to a devastating happening and would appreciate any positive vibes sent! :)

Meanwhile, I am still getting on with life! ;) And recently I catered some raw finger food and green juice for the opening of my friend's yoga centre! Yay! :D
The event was on Sunday, and I only got told 3 days before on Friday so a simple menu was in order! :)

The menu was:
- Marinated Veggie Boats with a raw peanut sauce (lettuce boats with spiralized beetroot topped with marinated veggies drizzled with a raw peanut sauce)
- Spring Onion Cream Cheese Dip
- Sun-dried Tomato & Coriander Humous Dip
- Hot Onion Carrot Crackers for dipping
- Chopped veggies (courgette, bell pepper, celery) for dipping
- Green juice (see 'unexpected twist 2) below!;)

It went so surprisingly well! :D I was so nervous but everyone was coming up and complimenting me and asking me if I sell my food or if I could cater for them or where they can order it! XD Wooo! :D:D I met some lovely people there, too!

2 things unexpected twists happened while making the food!:
1) I was looking for some red bell pepper to put in the cracker batter and I found a long red one! Yay! I sliced it ALL in but then my hands started burning!!!! Ahhhh, it was a jalapeno pepper! Of course with a WHOLE red one in there it would have been too spicy for even any 'expert' hot pepper eater! XD So I picked out most of the slices but it left a reaaally nice background "kick" in the flavor!
2) I was planning to make my 'Thai Green juice', made of spinach, coriander, apple and pineapple. But as I had only 3 days to plan everything, on the Sunday market (I wanted to get the juice ingredients as fresh as poss) but there was noooooo pineapple to be seen! So I had to find a replacement quick! Peaches, figs, nectarines apricots and all the season fruit the like does not juice well - so, I was left with... melons! I choose the yellow Canary melon and the Tiger melon (I think there called that, anyways :) and it went PERFECTLY! :D I liked it even better than the pineapple one!!! Yum, my new fav juice! :D

Raw peanut sauce (almond butter, garlic, ginger, lime juice, agave/dates/maple syrup, sea salt, curcuma) before the curcuma was added! Possibly the best sauce ever according to my mum! ;)

Sun-dried tomato Humous in the making! :D

With crackers to dip!

the Cracker batter!

Marinated veggies for the veggie boats!! :D

Spiralised beetroot mixed with poppy seeds for the veggie boats!

Green juice!


Random pics that I took from one of my latest walks along the lake!
The sky was sooooooooooooo beautifull!!!!!!":D:D


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Yes, I know it's been an AGE since I've posted last!
But I have FINALLY FINISHED MY EXAMS!!!! I have still got lessons till the 17th but after that I am on holiday!!!


The weather last week was beautiful, but now it is raining... typical! When I have to revise it is sunny! ;)
But I did take some breaks from study to go out... On Saturday it was Environment Day down at Nation at the UN. It was awesome! Lots of stalls and Greenpeace was there! Here are some photos!:

Really cool lady on stilts! :D

I have been feeling that I really want to get active about the environment, so next year I am joining Greenpeace as they have monthly meetings (they stop for the summer hols)! Yay!

I have been enjoying the sun despite being cooped up at home to revise and went swimming in the Lake (Lac Léman) at the Bain Des Paquis with my neighbour and mum. So refreshing! But I did end up gashing my foot on a rock and it was bleeding everywhere! But 3 days later it has already nearly healed! The power of raw, eh! :D

A crow perched on the lighthouse at the end of the pier at the Bain Des Paquis

Baby animals are abounding and on the lake there were several mother swans with their chicks! So adorable! Some pics I took:

Near the train station, Geneva, Switzerland

Summer is a coming! :D

How to make raw Essene bagels!!

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I've been trying to upload these photos for so long, but for some reason Blogger won't let me upload any photos! (it just comes up with an error!?). But anyhow, I found out I can upload pics through Picasa, but only maximum 4 at a time... hence more than one blog post for this!

These bagels (and loaves) are actually quite easy and fun to make - just a bit time consuming because of the dehydration :) My mum and brother adored them!

You do need a juicer with a blank option to make the smooth paste. Unless you don't mind it a bit chunky, then you can try it in a food processor!

1) Soak your chosen grains over night (I choose rye, spealt and barley) in pure water, or untill they are soft

2) Sprout them for 1 day, rinsing them a few times

3) Drain & mix in a bowl. Add seasonings/flavours if you want. I added: garlic, sea salt, cumin and a few dried chopped figs

4) Pulse/mix in food processor untill sticky

5) Put mixture through a juicer (Greenstar or something like that) with the blank option

6) Form as many bagels/loaves of 'bread' as you wish, yet not too big otherwise it will not dehydrate properly!
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(continued on previous post! :)

Raw Bagel sequel! :)

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(continuation of next post!)
7) Dehydrate at 105° until firm and crispy on the outside... mine even 'rose' like real bread! (I can't quite remember how long it took, but definitely not less than 10 hours!)
They are soft inside and crispy on the outside :)

I served this raw bagel to my mum and brother with avocado slices, onion sprouts, tomato slices, spinach, shredded cabbage, drizzled it with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and topped it off with a raw dehydrated sweet potato chip and a slice of lemon! :) Phew!

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Success! :D


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Hey guys!
(typing this from a friends Mac, so sorry for any mistakes or whatnot... Im a PC girl!;)
My computer has crashed and has been broken for a while now (not the hard drive, thank god!) which is why I havnt updated but until its up and running, if you are interested in my looking at some of my India pics, then I have an 2 albums full of them on my facebook:)

When I get my computer back I will post the album I had with all the raw food relevant pics too :) (didnt put them on facebook).
Eeeekk, getting late and I have school tomorrow!

Hope you had/have a wonderfully magic week!