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Yes, I know it's been an AGE since I've posted last!
But I have FINALLY FINISHED MY EXAMS!!!! I have still got lessons till the 17th but after that I am on holiday!!!


The weather last week was beautiful, but now it is raining... typical! When I have to revise it is sunny! ;)
But I did take some breaks from study to go out... On Saturday it was Environment Day down at Nation at the UN. It was awesome! Lots of stalls and Greenpeace was there! Here are some photos!:

Really cool lady on stilts! :D

I have been feeling that I really want to get active about the environment, so next year I am joining Greenpeace as they have monthly meetings (they stop for the summer hols)! Yay!

I have been enjoying the sun despite being cooped up at home to revise and went swimming in the Lake (Lac LĂ©man) at the Bain Des Paquis with my neighbour and mum. So refreshing! But I did end up gashing my foot on a rock and it was bleeding everywhere! But 3 days later it has already nearly healed! The power of raw, eh! :D

A crow perched on the lighthouse at the end of the pier at the Bain Des Paquis

Baby animals are abounding and on the lake there were several mother swans with their chicks! So adorable! Some pics I took:

Near the train station, Geneva, Switzerland

Summer is a coming! :D