How to make raw Essene bagels!!

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I've been trying to upload these photos for so long, but for some reason Blogger won't let me upload any photos! (it just comes up with an error!?). But anyhow, I found out I can upload pics through Picasa, but only maximum 4 at a time... hence more than one blog post for this!

These bagels (and loaves) are actually quite easy and fun to make - just a bit time consuming because of the dehydration :) My mum and brother adored them!

You do need a juicer with a blank option to make the smooth paste. Unless you don't mind it a bit chunky, then you can try it in a food processor!

1) Soak your chosen grains over night (I choose rye, spealt and barley) in pure water, or untill they are soft

2) Sprout them for 1 day, rinsing them a few times

3) Drain & mix in a bowl. Add seasonings/flavours if you want. I added: garlic, sea salt, cumin and a few dried chopped figs

4) Pulse/mix in food processor untill sticky

5) Put mixture through a juicer (Greenstar or something like that) with the blank option

6) Form as many bagels/loaves of 'bread' as you wish, yet not too big otherwise it will not dehydrate properly!
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