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It's okay, I'm still here, still alive! :P
This is just a really quick post to say that I will be updating soooon...
there's a lot to say!
I'm just SO busy at the moment!!!....

YUM! Looks radioactive! (;

(P.S Agnes - SO sorry... I just haven't found the time to reply to your comment... I will hopefully soon though! :D And DW, of course I'm not mad at you!!!! :P)


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On this juice feast journey, my thoughts have been unstoppable, and flowing in abundance.
This is just a lil' post to what I've been going on in my head. It feels better to get it down (or in this case, to type it up :)

Some of it may seem like jumble.
I apologise.
It's late, but I was dying (living :) to get this thoughts out of my head so I can have a good nights sleep!! (:
And I'm having a bt of a rough time in school at the mo'.
I'm confused about why it's really worth going...

There is a crisis going on, and humanity is in chaos.
In school, they should be teaching us how to grow organic gardens, how to pick wild food. THIS is the information we need for NOW and the FUTURE.

What we are learning now, what the school curriculum, the institutional systems are feeding us, 'teaching' us might be useful in the world that WE have created, and I am NOT talking about the REAL world; nature, but the artificial, synthetic universe that is DETERIORATING.
We won't need to be able to count how much money we have to put in our banks to save out arses to pay our ever-growing high rents, or to buy stuff we don't need to impress people we don't like. This is not SUSTAINABLE.

The general population is just WAITING to hear someone on the radio saying 'It's okay, everything is fine and dandy'. There waiting upon someone, or something to set everything straight. But it will not come. They're waiting for the government, or an authority to come up with a perfect plan. But they don't know what the fuck to do! THEY, the PEOPLE, US need to do something. we are the majority. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

In the natural universe (not the matrix we are in right now) do we see other animals, other species DESTROY the planet? They are doing what they are MEANT to be doing naturally. Everything is is order. The planet needs them. Plants need them. They are entwined and essential to the eco-system.
WE are NOT doing what we are meant to be doing naturally. Everything is in DISorder.
And we are NOT needed by the Earth. If the whole of humanity were to disappear tomorrow, the world would do perfectly fine without us. In fact, it would do BETTER.
And this is what (most) people don't get. We ARE NOT IN CHARGE. We may like to think so, but just look at us now. Natural order is coming around to bite us. And we must EMBRACE it!
Follow the flow. Get back to our roots. LETS MAKE THINGS DIFFERENT. We need a change. A long-lasting, sustainable change.

This IS possible. We can reverse the inexcusable damage we have done to NOT ONLY OURSELVES, but all things. We have not only put ourselves in shit, we have been greedy and made everything else jump on board our sinking ship too.
So lets see things differently starting today! Lets turn a new page. But don't wait upon other people. have confidence in yourself, and believe YOU can make a difference.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that feels better to have let it all out!!
(: That was a little deep (:
Sorry, I know some of it doesn't make sense.
But I just wrote down what I am/was feeling.

But of course!! I have to add some photos!! ;)

Here are some pics i took a while ago in the summer:

Right, I'm off to get some sleep!! (:

Foire De Geneve

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Heyy! Ah, sorry it's been ages!!

I'm still on the Juice Feast!! Woo!
Phew, there's a lot of days to catch up on! (:

First I'll start off with what I drank on Day 8 (19th Nov):

- 20ml ginger juice!!!! - OUCH! I heard it makes you warm up... I felt like I was on fire!! (:

- 650ml beet/apple/kale/ginger juice

-water (250ml)

-300ml coconut water

-900ml cucumber/celery/spinach/lambsquater lettuce/apple juice

-350ml coconut water

-1L cucumber/beet/apple/ginger/kale juice ...

-water (250ml)

-750ml celery/cucumber/ginger/purple cabbage/lettuce juice diluted with 100ml coconut water (:

This makes a total of 4,050 L juice! (including coconut wate
r, not including water)
YAY!!! I make the 4L mark! (:

What I drank on Day 9 (20th Nov):

- 200ml water
-1L cucumber/apple/ginger/celery/purple cabbage/lettuce juice diluted
with coconut water, 100ml
-150ml water

- 650ml parsley/purple cabbage/ginger/apple/orange juice... YUM!!!
-700ml coconut water
-100ml water

-900ml beet/kale/ginger/apple/cucumber

This makes a total of 3,350L of juice. (including coconut water, not including water)

What I drank on Day 10 (21st Nov):

-200ml water
-950ml cucumber/parsley/apple/ginger/lambsquate
r lettuce/celery juice
-700ml coconut water with 2 tablespoons spiralina mixed in*
250ml water

-350ml coconut water
-900ml beet/celery/cucumber/apple/ginger/kale juice

This makes a total of 2,900L juice.
Not very much today but this is because I had to stay in school ALL DAY
! without going home, and I ended at 5:30 so I didn't really have time to make a lot of juice.
Hence the * (coconut water and spiralina) that I took to school w
ith me in my SIGG bottle! (:

What I drank on Day 11 (22nd Nov):

-250ml water

-50ml coconut water

-1L beet/cucumber/celery/apple/kale/ginger juice

-850ml celery/ginger/kale/lambsquater lettuce/apple juice

-2tsp FRESH, local bee pollen

-800ml beet/apple/lettuce/cucumber/ginger juice with 500ml coconut water (:

This makes a total of 3,200L juice.(including coconut water, not including water)

And so far what I've drunk on Day 12:

-250ml water (:

Okay, theres so much to say! (:
It's SNOWING here! (or was yesterday), and it settled too!
But it's frikin' freezing!!

Yesterday evening, we went to the 'Foire de Geneve' which is like this big thing showing the best of what all of the shops in Geneva have.
They had a health section, and thats were I stayed most! (:
And I got a free massage!!!!
It was soooooooo nice!! mmmmm, I love massages!!
They had all sorts of exercise machines we could try out.
The power plate was fun!!

Apparently, lying on your back, with your legs up in the air for 30 SECONDS on this thing, is like doing 900 SIT UPS!! Wow!!

Ohhhh, and I found out in my local health store that they have RAW sauerkraut!! Mmmm, mum got some for herself.
Ah, yesterday while I was doing all my homework, I had a really strong craving for the sauerkraut, and I felt too lazy to go and make a juice.
But I stuck to it and made a lovelyyy green juice, and craving completely went away! (:

Oooo, and I've noticed my eyes are clearer and lighter!
They already went from hazel brown to bright green from when I turned raw vegan.
And now, they've got a sort of blue rim! (:

Yesssssss, my mum came up to me recently and went
"Aj, I think I need to go raw"
Well, I told her I thinks it's better if she gets the hang of vegan first with a lot of raw food, so if she falls of the 'raw wagon' she wouldn't go and binge on dairy and CHEESE.
But really, she's already doing so well.
I'd say she is at least 60% raw and sometimes maybe even 80%, but I think it will be the goats cheese and bread that will be last to go for her! (:

Me in a massage chair at La Foire de Geneve.
It was SO high-tech... and cost 12 000. :o

Ohhh, how do you guys like the new blog makeover?!

Wooo! Juice feast day 7!! Ceeelabrate good times, come on!

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One week on juice feast already gone by!
... and still going strong!
Wow, It time goes fast....
Hmmm, produce does aswell! (;

YAY! Coconut water is back in stock! (;

Oh, and I just noticed that I wrote most measurements in ml, when I meant dL... Sorry!
EDIT!: no sorry this is wrong.. I did mean ml. haha! It's confusing!

Right, What I drank on day 6 (18th Nov):

400dL water with lemon juice

-600dL mixed salad/pear/beet/red pepper/ginger/purple cabbage juice - YUM!!

-550dL celery/apple/mixed salad/ginger/lambsquater lettuce (durr! ;)/cucumber juice with coconut water... YAY!

-50dL water

-300dL coconut water

-800dL celery/beet/cucumber/ginger/mixed salad/spinach juice

-500dL coconut water

-300dL coconut water

-spoon raw honey

-200dL coconut water... haha, I'm going a bit crazy on this stuff! ;) YUM!
-1L water with lemon juice and raw honey =YUMNESS!

In total that makes of 3,250 L of juice (not including water, including coconut juice)
Ahhh, still under.. Oh well, I think I had enough liquid though, as I didn't count the litre of water with lemon juice and raw honey! (:

mmm, this is the mixed salad. It was lovely and fresh!

I'm trying to ween myself off of raw honey. It's one of my 'trigger foods', referring to Mat Monarch's interview on Rawkathon; I loved that interview..Thanks!!
It's fineee in small, CONTROLLED amounts, but sheesh... once I start there's no stopping me!!
I can eat half a kilo of raw honey in a day... so yeah, I'm going to *try* and stop for a while, in till I know I can be satisfied with just a bit. (;
Another one of my 'trigger foods' is almond butter, mixed with raw honey no less!! haha!
Mmmmm, but it's soooooo good! (:
So, I'm not going to buy any more raw honey for a while.... we'll see how it goes (;

What I drank on Day 7 (!!!):

-100dL water

-100dL coconut water

-700dL celery/cucumber/ginger/lettuce/spinach/tomato/purple cabbage/apple juice

-350dL water with lemon juice and raw honey (this was the last bit of raw honey left in the jar!...mmmm this mixture was good though! :)

-1,1L celery/orange/apple/mixed salad/ginger/cucumber/purple cabbage/lettuce/red pepper juice

-600dL cucumber/spinach/apple/ginger/orange juice

wow, this juice was amazing and brighttt green! (:

-650dL beet/apple/kale/ginger juice - YUMM!

That makes a total of 3,5L (not including water, including coconut water)


Day 5!..

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Okay, so I'm laughing histerically as I write this...
I found out what the alien white specks were on my clothes...
... I always wash my nut milk bag with hot water and whatnot and then I flap it out to flick all of the water off...
and I guess some of the pulp backfired on me, hence the 'alien' specks!!!

What I drank on Day 3 (the 14th Nov):
1 small glass water (around 150ml)
-1 glass coconut water with lemon juice (around 150ml)
- 900ml celery/parsley/tomato/coriander/cucumber/apple/beet juice

-250 ml apple/avocado/Sharon fruit/orange juice... YUM! *

-500ml coconut water
-spoon raw honey...
-Glass of water (250ml)
-800ml apple juice (with skins)
-150ml carrot juice (I made 800ml but couldn't finished it!... so I added it to my next juice...)
- 1,2L carrot/celery/apple/pear/lettuce juice
-Glass of water (250ml)

A total of: 3,950 ml of juice (including coconut water, not including water)
Hmmmmm.... Still just under... It's rather cold here, so I'm not that thirsty...

* As I didn't plan this juice feast I ended up with 2 ripe avocados which I just added to my concoctions and strained through the nut milk bag like any other juice ... I hope this counts as juice?..
It was thicker than usual, but I'm guessing that's just from the oil/fat of the avo?

What I drank on Day 4 (the 15th Nov):
Small glass water (150ml)
- 500ml apple/pear/lettuce/avocado juice
-650ml cucumber/celery/apple/lettuce juice
-1,5L Cucumber/red pepper/apple/ginger/celery/parsley juice
-Water (250ml)
-870ml beet/apple/ginger/red pepper juice
-Water (250ml)

This totals: 3,520L... I'm still finding it difficult to drink the minimum of 4L of juice a day!

I went for a lovely 5K run with a friend that day...
It was wonderful...
Near the end, we stopped at this stone block/bench without a back and she showed me how to do different kinds of ab exercises etc....
One of them was to lie on our backs with out legs up in the air and flap our arms.
Our bums were facing the road, and lots of cars were passing...
Its so funny to see how people react to anything out of the norm..
I just waved at them while I was doing this... Very funny!!...

What I have drank so far today on Day 5:
Water (500ml)
-1,2L parsely/cucumber/celery/red pepper/ginger/apple juice

(It's 9AM here...so this is only breakfast)

I am loving the ginger in my juices... I don't put a lot, just enough for a lil' kick (;

It's quite weird... I'm not missing solids at all...
Just the odd little desire, like when I cut the avocado in half, I felt like I wanted to eat it
But that's really about it!

Right, I have to get on with Homework...
Mum has been nagging me to get off the computer for the past half an hour!

Day 2 (:

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Okay, just a quick post of what I'v drunk today, as I need to be getting on with, *gasp*, even more homework!! (;

Ahh, I'm still not drinking as much juice as I would like to, thanks to my gruellingly long school hours... Start at 7:55 and end at 5:30 with an hour and a half for lunch break (I walk home).
And tomorrow I only have one hour break, which means only 20 mins at home!! ahhh...

Right, Enough whining!!

Here's what I had today (in order):

-2 glasses of water (around 500ml)

- 650 ml celery/lettuce/apple/cucumber juice

- 1 glass coconut juice (around 250 ml), with lemon juice

- 1 glass water (around 250 ml)

- 1 glass coconut water (around 300 ml) with water

- orange/frozen raspberry juice!! * (juice of 5 oranges and 300g of raspberries - made around 3 glasses, 800ml)

- 800ml lettuce/celery/cucumber/apple juice

- 1 glass water (around 250 ml)

- 1 1/2 glasses coconut water (around 375 ml)

- 1 l beet/celery/lettuce/apple/cucumber/red pepper

-1 spoon raw honey (;

Soooo, thats around 4,375 L (;
Yummy, I enjoyed all of these juices so much!!!
I'm sooo glad that I'm pursuing this!!!

* OMG, this was SO goooood!!:
But really... IT HURT making it!!!... (frozen raspberries)..
I use my Vita-prep to make my juices, then I strain through a nut milk bag...
My hands got SO numb, I had to swap and run them under water!..lol!

Okay, so the weirdest thing happened to me last night...
I was thinking about aliens (A gi2mr thread got me thinking about them)
and all night I felt kind of... watched upon, and slightly uncomfortable.
In the morning around 4Am I look out side... I see a full moon.
So then, I go to the bathroom and guess what I find out?
I'm like covered with blotches of, I can't really explain, I don't know what it was..
little white patches... EVERYWHERE...
my face, hair, clothes... SO WEIRD!
I've never thought about aliens... maybe because of the way they characterise them in cartoons with the original saucer ship etc... I've only really thought about them jokingly, taken for granted..
I don't really know what to think of it!...

Feeling great....

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Okay, so here's what I had over the WHOLE day (without breakfast):

- At least 600ml coconut water, with a few drops lemon juice in each glass.. mmmmmm

-3 BIG glasses juice made with beetroot/spinach/red pepper... diluted with coconut water (;

- 4 BIG glasses juice made with celery/red pepper/cucumber/apple/spinach ... YUM!

-Oh, and - naughty me...- a spoonful of raw honey... :o

-and, of course, water.. around a litre

I think this totals to around 3 litres of juice and coconut water (not counting water)...
I felt SO good today!!!!
Even though I didn't drink much... this was only for the first day...
I plan to juice more and drink up! (;

My parents were totally open... I was so surprised!!
Mum was a bit concerned at first, but I explained all about it etc...
I even invited them to join me!! -
They said they would on the Christmas holidays, when they'll be carrying (more ;) 'excess baggage'! (;

Awesome, Dad was listening to Radio 4, when they announced 'The person with the smallest Carbon footprint in the UK'. Guess what???... She's a RAW VEGAN!!!!!!! woo! (Well, it's logical really ;)
The interviewer was like "So if you don't cook your food.. what do you eat?"


Juice fast/feast

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Well, I have decided to go on a juice fast/feast.
(Starting... Today!)
Okay.. The reasons being:

-I never ever feel hungry anymore. And any food is starting to get unappetising.
- And I always get bloated after I eat anything solid
-To allow my body a break

So I just would like to rebalance myself, my body, my emotions.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated! (:

I'm planning to do it for at least a week.
But who knows, this might turn into a month or even a full
92 day juice fast/feast.

Okay, so I'm not sure whether it will be a juice fast or feast.
I don't want it to break the (mum and dad's) bank (feast),
but I certainly don't want to be stuck in bed
and I still want (and need) to be functioning for school (fast) etc.
I'll just drink when I feel inclined to (?)

I'm going to tell my parents upfront that I'm going on a juice fast/feast, as I have
a short history with what they call anorexia, so when they see me 'not eating'
they freak out.

So yeah, I think it will turn into a juice feast, if money allows it...
Ah, I really dislike how everything revolves around money!
Here is a quote that I love and agree with:

"Money is central to our lives. Yet money is not of central importance. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the lasting values that make life worth living"

I'll (try to) type out everything that I'm drinking.
http://juicefeasting.com is a brilliant and useful site.
They recommend taking bee pollen, so I might do that.

Well, since I'm skipping breakfast (It's only 6AM here in France!!) today,
I'll tell you about the fabulous green smoothie I had the day before yesterday...

It was sooo green, it looked like it was glowing! (:
It was awesome! (;

-1 (orangey/lemony type thing)
EDIT!: Orangy/lemony type thing means a pomelo. Haha, I forgot the name but forgot to change it before I posted this! (;
-1/2 of a cucumber
-little bunch of curly parsley
-little bunch coriander
-around 400ml young coconut water (I use Dr. Martins :)
-1/4 or an avocado

Have any of you been on a juice fast or feast?
What was your experience!? (:

Ooooooo, fruit!

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Yayyyyyy! Good news!! I won a drawing competition (for my age category) for Orkos.
My prize?? A biggggg basket of amazing FRUIT! wooooo!!

Ah, I loooove receiving packages!!

Here is the drawing I sent in:

This is scanned
The theme was Bees & Honey. Perfect :)
Hmm, I'm not that good at drawing bees or flowers, but it was a looot of fun!! (:
(I love drawing)

Eeeeeee, it feels good to have won something!!
I honestly can't remember the last time I won something!!! Haha :)

So, take a look at the fruit we got! There were two massive, massive avocados!!!! We also got Jack fruit, Cempedak, chirimoyas, sharron fruit, 4 different kinds of mangos, sapotes, cacao beans, papaya, and more!!

This is the Cempedak, it smelt like durian (but much less strong - it wasn't too overwhelming ;) but I think it tastes really nice, so does my dad... but my mum realllyyy doesn't like it, to say the least!

Jack fruit - YUM! It kind of had a lemony smell ;)

Cacao beans!!

Oh my, I love mangosteen!!!!!!!

Cacao is purpleeeee

Wow, so we did order some extra stuff as well. We would have ordered some real young coconuts (wild) but they ran out!! :(
We ordered some raw cashews.... on their site, they say they have strickt rules for keeping all of their products under 40°. But of course, I asked the guy on the phone aloooot of questions! XD (You have to ring up to order)
So, apparently, their cashews are truly raw and hand-opened, with a special nut cracker thing.
But there was one thing that made me think. Here it is: THE PRICE. They cost 7 euros for 500g, and that's nothing for raw cashews (on Shazzie's site they sell a 450g pack for arounf £14!) Is it too good to be true!?

I don't know if you can just tell by looking at the cashews to see if they are truly raw or not, but here are some pics. I got the cashews with the skin on (Don't ask me why ;) and after I soaked them, I peeled the skin off. This is what they looked like:

I've never seen this little tail thingy on cashews before, but maybe that's just me. (:

What do you guys think!?

Ohhhh, and I made the besttttttt cream everrrrrrrr (the recipe is from David Wolfe's book). It's nut free and only oneee ingredientt! :

It is soooooooo amazing! Plus, if you add a bit of avacado (one which has yellow coloured flesh - ehg, sorry to use that word! :) to the mix, it turns out like custard!!
Okay, there is a slight catch. It takes ages to de-pip the chirimoya. But anyway.. it's soooo worth it!!!! For a little bowl like the one pictured, I needed two of them!

Yellow coloured avocado ;)

So maybe just make a portion for yourself the first time ;) It's not the best dish to make for a pot luck! (:
Yesterday I eventually went to see James Bond: Quantum of Solace, after walking arounf for more than 3 hours (dw, I wasn't alone :) of trying to find a cinima where it wasn't full, and after getting trapped inside a shopping mall... haha, don't ask :) It was sooooo good... I totally disagree with the critics who said that only the first part was good. Hmmm, maybe I found it so interesting because I was drooling over Daniel Craig. The first James Bond movie I saw with him in I thought, beh, he's too old.... but after this movie, PHEW! He's hot! ;)
(EDIT: Maybe I'm still delusional from winning?)

Ohhh, one last thing. I will share with you my breakfast i've just had :)
2 cups green (actually, it was red/pink :) smoothie.
I was sooooo happy to see that my health food store has Pure Organic Coconut Juice again!! It was gone for ages, and it's completely raw ect !! Wooo!
Okay, so my smoothie had (for tree people EDIT!.. Ooops, I mean three...)... two bananas, about 300g frozen berries, 3/4 big handfuls of spinach. YUM!

Ooo yesterday I had the nicest little bowl of yum!

Hmmm, if only I can remember what I put in it! I was out of greens (Oh nooo!)
Ah yes, okay I think it was one half of a big papaya, one massive mango, and as many frozen raspberries as you wish! ;) And blend!

Ah, sorry - this is a loooong post again! :D