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I think I might start typing up what I eat. I would have already done this, but I'm just too lazy to think back :)

Sooo, let's see... For breakfast I just had 2 glasses of Green Smoothie consisting of a gigantic mango (like really, one of the biggest I've seen!!), a whole head of lettuce, some extra spinach, and a few frozen raspberries. (All ingredients are organic). Ah, yes. I also sprinkled on fresh, local bee pollen.
This made a looooooot of smoothie. I gave a glass each to mum and dad. They LOVE Green Smoothies! (;

On the political side of things, I'm glad Obama won!! (ahh, I can't stand Palin...)
Hmm, although I did fall for his joke on April Fools when he said he was vegan.... What a shame he's not! We need someone like that in 'power'!
I was thinking actually, that if even just a group of raw foodists got a chance to be in 'charge', that they would and could end most of the global problems (:
Haha, does that even make sense, what I said?
Sorry, I'm just rambling ;)

Ohh nooo, none of my own photo's today....
So I'll leave you one i pinched off the internet, only because it looks so delicious. (:
YUM! This is a good.looking Raw cake! Who said raw is boring, eh?!
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Zucchini Breath said...

good morning!

That cake does look yummy!