Wooo! Juice feast day 7!! Ceeelabrate good times, come on!

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One week on juice feast already gone by!
... and still going strong!
Wow, It time goes fast....
Hmmm, produce does aswell! (;

YAY! Coconut water is back in stock! (;

Oh, and I just noticed that I wrote most measurements in ml, when I meant dL... Sorry!
EDIT!: no sorry this is wrong.. I did mean ml. haha! It's confusing!

Right, What I drank on day 6 (18th Nov):

400dL water with lemon juice

-600dL mixed salad/pear/beet/red pepper/ginger/purple cabbage juice - YUM!!

-550dL celery/apple/mixed salad/ginger/lambsquater lettuce (durr! ;)/cucumber juice with coconut water... YAY!

-50dL water

-300dL coconut water

-800dL celery/beet/cucumber/ginger/mixed salad/spinach juice

-500dL coconut water

-300dL coconut water

-spoon raw honey

-200dL coconut water... haha, I'm going a bit crazy on this stuff! ;) YUM!
-1L water with lemon juice and raw honey =YUMNESS!

In total that makes of 3,250 L of juice (not including water, including coconut juice)
Ahhh, still under.. Oh well, I think I had enough liquid though, as I didn't count the litre of water with lemon juice and raw honey! (:

mmm, this is the mixed salad. It was lovely and fresh!

I'm trying to ween myself off of raw honey. It's one of my 'trigger foods', referring to Mat Monarch's interview on Rawkathon; I loved that interview..Thanks!!
It's fineee in small, CONTROLLED amounts, but sheesh... once I start there's no stopping me!!
I can eat half a kilo of raw honey in a day... so yeah, I'm going to *try* and stop for a while, in till I know I can be satisfied with just a bit. (;
Another one of my 'trigger foods' is almond butter, mixed with raw honey no less!! haha!
Mmmmm, but it's soooooo good! (:
So, I'm not going to buy any more raw honey for a while.... we'll see how it goes (;

What I drank on Day 7 (!!!):

-100dL water

-100dL coconut water

-700dL celery/cucumber/ginger/lettuce/spinach/tomato/purple cabbage/apple juice

-350dL water with lemon juice and raw honey (this was the last bit of raw honey left in the jar!...mmmm this mixture was good though! :)

-1,1L celery/orange/apple/mixed salad/ginger/cucumber/purple cabbage/lettuce/red pepper juice

-600dL cucumber/spinach/apple/ginger/orange juice

wow, this juice was amazing and brighttt green! (:

-650dL beet/apple/kale/ginger juice - YUMM!

That makes a total of 3,5L (not including water, including coconut water)



Paulina said...

Wow, a juice feast?! I admire you for doing that! I wanted to start, but got advised not to do it at this age. How do you feel?

Agnesss =) said...

Hey heyooo!!!

Oh oh!! That's sooo cool you're RAW and YOU LIVE IN EUROPE!!! =D

I'm from Poland!! =)) And I'm doing the RAW thing as well..=)) Juice feasting..!!? That sounds interesting..=> Do you like it??

And how long will you follow this ?? =))

I'd be sooo happy to see a comment from you on my blog =D !!

Hugs from Poland and hang in there!!