Feeling great....

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Okay, so here's what I had over the WHOLE day (without breakfast):

- At least 600ml coconut water, with a few drops lemon juice in each glass.. mmmmmm

-3 BIG glasses juice made with beetroot/spinach/red pepper... diluted with coconut water (;

- 4 BIG glasses juice made with celery/red pepper/cucumber/apple/spinach ... YUM!

-Oh, and - naughty me...- a spoonful of raw honey... :o

-and, of course, water.. around a litre

I think this totals to around 3 litres of juice and coconut water (not counting water)...
I felt SO good today!!!!
Even though I didn't drink much... this was only for the first day...
I plan to juice more and drink up! (;

My parents were totally open... I was so surprised!!
Mum was a bit concerned at first, but I explained all about it etc...
I even invited them to join me!! -
They said they would on the Christmas holidays, when they'll be carrying (more ;) 'excess baggage'! (;

Awesome, Dad was listening to Radio 4, when they announced 'The person with the smallest Carbon footprint in the UK'. Guess what???... She's a RAW VEGAN!!!!!!! woo! (Well, it's logical really ;)
The interviewer was like "So if you don't cook your food.. what do you eat?"