Foire De Geneve

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Heyy! Ah, sorry it's been ages!!

I'm still on the Juice Feast!! Woo!
Phew, there's a lot of days to catch up on! (:

First I'll start off with what I drank on Day 8 (19th Nov):

- 20ml ginger juice!!!! - OUCH! I heard it makes you warm up... I felt like I was on fire!! (:

- 650ml beet/apple/kale/ginger juice

-water (250ml)

-300ml coconut water

-900ml cucumber/celery/spinach/lambsquater lettuce/apple juice

-350ml coconut water

-1L cucumber/beet/apple/ginger/kale juice ...

-water (250ml)

-750ml celery/cucumber/ginger/purple cabbage/lettuce juice diluted with 100ml coconut water (:

This makes a total of 4,050 L juice! (including coconut wate
r, not including water)
YAY!!! I make the 4L mark! (:

What I drank on Day 9 (20th Nov):

- 200ml water
-1L cucumber/apple/ginger/celery/purple cabbage/lettuce juice diluted
with coconut water, 100ml
-150ml water

- 650ml parsley/purple cabbage/ginger/apple/orange juice... YUM!!!
-700ml coconut water
-100ml water

-900ml beet/kale/ginger/apple/cucumber

This makes a total of 3,350L of juice. (including coconut water, not including water)

What I drank on Day 10 (21st Nov):

-200ml water
-950ml cucumber/parsley/apple/ginger/lambsquate
r lettuce/celery juice
-700ml coconut water with 2 tablespoons spiralina mixed in*
250ml water

-350ml coconut water
-900ml beet/celery/cucumber/apple/ginger/kale juice

This makes a total of 2,900L juice.
Not very much today but this is because I had to stay in school ALL DAY
! without going home, and I ended at 5:30 so I didn't really have time to make a lot of juice.
Hence the * (coconut water and spiralina) that I took to school w
ith me in my SIGG bottle! (:

What I drank on Day 11 (22nd Nov):

-250ml water

-50ml coconut water

-1L beet/cucumber/celery/apple/kale/ginger juice

-850ml celery/ginger/kale/lambsquater lettuce/apple juice

-2tsp FRESH, local bee pollen

-800ml beet/apple/lettuce/cucumber/ginger juice with 500ml coconut water (:

This makes a total of 3,200L juice.(including coconut water, not including water)

And so far what I've drunk on Day 12:

-250ml water (:

Okay, theres so much to say! (:
It's SNOWING here! (or was yesterday), and it settled too!
But it's frikin' freezing!!

Yesterday evening, we went to the 'Foire de Geneve' which is like this big thing showing the best of what all of the shops in Geneva have.
They had a health section, and thats were I stayed most! (:
And I got a free massage!!!!
It was soooooooo nice!! mmmmm, I love massages!!
They had all sorts of exercise machines we could try out.
The power plate was fun!!

Apparently, lying on your back, with your legs up in the air for 30 SECONDS on this thing, is like doing 900 SIT UPS!! Wow!!

Ohhhh, and I found out in my local health store that they have RAW sauerkraut!! Mmmm, mum got some for herself.
Ah, yesterday while I was doing all my homework, I had a really strong craving for the sauerkraut, and I felt too lazy to go and make a juice.
But I stuck to it and made a lovelyyy green juice, and craving completely went away! (:

Oooo, and I've noticed my eyes are clearer and lighter!
They already went from hazel brown to bright green from when I turned raw vegan.
And now, they've got a sort of blue rim! (:

Yesssssss, my mum came up to me recently and went
"Aj, I think I need to go raw"
Well, I told her I thinks it's better if she gets the hang of vegan first with a lot of raw food, so if she falls of the 'raw wagon' she wouldn't go and binge on dairy and CHEESE.
But really, she's already doing so well.
I'd say she is at least 60% raw and sometimes maybe even 80%, but I think it will be the goats cheese and bread that will be last to go for her! (:

Me in a massage chair at La Foire de Geneve.
It was SO high-tech... and cost 12 000. :o

Ohhh, how do you guys like the new blog makeover?!


Lauren said...

Your juices look amazing! I am going to write down some of these recipes. Good luck on your feast! :)

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Aj!!

=D WOOW what an assortment of JUICES!!!!! =D I'll try some of them FOR SURE!!! =D

Well...maybe I'll do a JUICE FEAST in the future...=D Who knows!!

But Girl..I don't think it'd be SO bad to eat some sauerkraut!! RAW!! =D It's good for you!! =D

Anyways ...I hope you're enjoying your feast =D
Just take it easy =D

Well,well....YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN AN AWARD!!!!!! =D Visit my BLOG pls!!=D

Hugs for you!!

Joanna said...

this is soo cool! i found you on agnes's blog. i really want to do a juice detox sometime, but i've never known how to go about it. do you follow a certain plan?

also, do you have a juicer? i know that's prob a dumb question, but can you make juice if you don't have one? i always have to buy juice because i still don't have a juicer.


ajchanter said...

Hey Jo!

Yup, I have a juicer. But I hardly use it (:

I use a Vita-Prep (vita-mix) blender with a nut milk/muslim bag to strain the pulp.

So if you have any high speed blender (Blendtec, Vuta-mix...) you can use that with a little water and a nut milk bag.

I'm afraid any 'normal' blender won't be very useful for juicing, as the vita mix breaks the cell walls of the plant cells: not all blenders do this.

This is a brilliant site for info:

I just drink mostly all green juice and tryyy to get 4 L a day at least (it's hard for me in a clod climate! :). It's also important that you try to get the juice of 1 whole head of celery and 2lb green leafy greens (this is all explained on the site :)

Hope this helps! (:

texmex said...

Where do you buy Kale in France? That's always been a mystery for me.