Juice fast/feast

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Well, I have decided to go on a juice fast/feast.
(Starting... Today!)
Okay.. The reasons being:

-I never ever feel hungry anymore. And any food is starting to get unappetising.
- And I always get bloated after I eat anything solid
-To allow my body a break

So I just would like to rebalance myself, my body, my emotions.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated! (:

I'm planning to do it for at least a week.
But who knows, this might turn into a month or even a full
92 day juice fast/feast.

Okay, so I'm not sure whether it will be a juice fast or feast.
I don't want it to break the (mum and dad's) bank (feast),
but I certainly don't want to be stuck in bed
and I still want (and need) to be functioning for school (fast) etc.
I'll just drink when I feel inclined to (?)

I'm going to tell my parents upfront that I'm going on a juice fast/feast, as I have
a short history with what they call anorexia, so when they see me 'not eating'
they freak out.

So yeah, I think it will turn into a juice feast, if money allows it...
Ah, I really dislike how everything revolves around money!
Here is a quote that I love and agree with:

"Money is central to our lives. Yet money is not of central importance. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the lasting values that make life worth living"

I'll (try to) type out everything that I'm drinking.
http://juicefeasting.com is a brilliant and useful site.
They recommend taking bee pollen, so I might do that.

Well, since I'm skipping breakfast (It's only 6AM here in France!!) today,
I'll tell you about the fabulous green smoothie I had the day before yesterday...

It was sooo green, it looked like it was glowing! (:
It was awesome! (;

-1 (orangey/lemony type thing)
EDIT!: Orangy/lemony type thing means a pomelo. Haha, I forgot the name but forgot to change it before I posted this! (;
-1/2 of a cucumber
-little bunch of curly parsley
-little bunch coriander
-around 400ml young coconut water (I use Dr. Martins :)
-1/4 or an avocado

Have any of you been on a juice fast or feast?
What was your experience!? (: