Day 5!..

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Okay, so I'm laughing histerically as I write this...
I found out what the alien white specks were on my clothes...
... I always wash my nut milk bag with hot water and whatnot and then I flap it out to flick all of the water off...
and I guess some of the pulp backfired on me, hence the 'alien' specks!!!

What I drank on Day 3 (the 14th Nov):
1 small glass water (around 150ml)
-1 glass coconut water with lemon juice (around 150ml)
- 900ml celery/parsley/tomato/coriander/cucumber/apple/beet juice

-250 ml apple/avocado/Sharon fruit/orange juice... YUM! *

-500ml coconut water
-spoon raw honey...
-Glass of water (250ml)
-800ml apple juice (with skins)
-150ml carrot juice (I made 800ml but couldn't finished it!... so I added it to my next juice...)
- 1,2L carrot/celery/apple/pear/lettuce juice
-Glass of water (250ml)

A total of: 3,950 ml of juice (including coconut water, not including water)
Hmmmmm.... Still just under... It's rather cold here, so I'm not that thirsty...

* As I didn't plan this juice feast I ended up with 2 ripe avocados which I just added to my concoctions and strained through the nut milk bag like any other juice ... I hope this counts as juice?..
It was thicker than usual, but I'm guessing that's just from the oil/fat of the avo?

What I drank on Day 4 (the 15th Nov):
Small glass water (150ml)
- 500ml apple/pear/lettuce/avocado juice
-650ml cucumber/celery/apple/lettuce juice
-1,5L Cucumber/red pepper/apple/ginger/celery/parsley juice
-Water (250ml)
-870ml beet/apple/ginger/red pepper juice
-Water (250ml)

This totals: 3,520L... I'm still finding it difficult to drink the minimum of 4L of juice a day!

I went for a lovely 5K run with a friend that day...
It was wonderful...
Near the end, we stopped at this stone block/bench without a back and she showed me how to do different kinds of ab exercises etc....
One of them was to lie on our backs with out legs up in the air and flap our arms.
Our bums were facing the road, and lots of cars were passing...
Its so funny to see how people react to anything out of the norm..
I just waved at them while I was doing this... Very funny!!...

What I have drank so far today on Day 5:
Water (500ml)
-1,2L parsely/cucumber/celery/red pepper/ginger/apple juice

(It's 9AM this is only breakfast)

I am loving the ginger in my juices... I don't put a lot, just enough for a lil' kick (;

It's quite weird... I'm not missing solids at all...
Just the odd little desire, like when I cut the avocado in half, I felt like I wanted to eat it
But that's really about it!

Right, I have to get on with Homework...
Mum has been nagging me to get off the computer for the past half an hour!