Day 2 (:

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Okay, just a quick post of what I'v drunk today, as I need to be getting on with, *gasp*, even more homework!! (;

Ahh, I'm still not drinking as much juice as I would like to, thanks to my gruellingly long school hours... Start at 7:55 and end at 5:30 with an hour and a half for lunch break (I walk home).
And tomorrow I only have one hour break, which means only 20 mins at home!! ahhh...

Right, Enough whining!!

Here's what I had today (in order):

-2 glasses of water (around 500ml)

- 650 ml celery/lettuce/apple/cucumber juice

- 1 glass coconut juice (around 250 ml), with lemon juice

- 1 glass water (around 250 ml)

- 1 glass coconut water (around 300 ml) with water

- orange/frozen raspberry juice!! * (juice of 5 oranges and 300g of raspberries - made around 3 glasses, 800ml)

- 800ml lettuce/celery/cucumber/apple juice

- 1 glass water (around 250 ml)

- 1 1/2 glasses coconut water (around 375 ml)

- 1 l beet/celery/lettuce/apple/cucumber/red pepper

-1 spoon raw honey (;

Soooo, thats around 4,375 L (;
Yummy, I enjoyed all of these juices so much!!!
I'm sooo glad that I'm pursuing this!!!

* OMG, this was SO goooood!!:
But really... IT HURT making it!!!... (frozen raspberries)..
I use my Vita-prep to make my juices, then I strain through a nut milk bag...
My hands got SO numb, I had to swap and run them under water!!

Okay, so the weirdest thing happened to me last night...
I was thinking about aliens (A gi2mr thread got me thinking about them)
and all night I felt kind of... watched upon, and slightly uncomfortable.
In the morning around 4Am I look out side... I see a full moon.
So then, I go to the bathroom and guess what I find out?
I'm like covered with blotches of, I can't really explain, I don't know what it was..
little white patches... EVERYWHERE...
my face, hair, clothes... SO WEIRD!
I've never thought about aliens... maybe because of the way they characterise them in cartoons with the original saucer ship etc... I've only really thought about them jokingly, taken for granted..
I don't really know what to think of it!...