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On this juice feast journey, my thoughts have been unstoppable, and flowing in abundance.
This is just a lil' post to what I've been going on in my head. It feels better to get it down (or in this case, to type it up :)

Some of it may seem like jumble.
I apologise.
It's late, but I was dying (living :) to get this thoughts out of my head so I can have a good nights sleep!! (:
And I'm having a bt of a rough time in school at the mo'.
I'm confused about why it's really worth going...

There is a crisis going on, and humanity is in chaos.
In school, they should be teaching us how to grow organic gardens, how to pick wild food. THIS is the information we need for NOW and the FUTURE.

What we are learning now, what the school curriculum, the institutional systems are feeding us, 'teaching' us might be useful in the world that WE have created, and I am NOT talking about the REAL world; nature, but the artificial, synthetic universe that is DETERIORATING.
We won't need to be able to count how much money we have to put in our banks to save out arses to pay our ever-growing high rents, or to buy stuff we don't need to impress people we don't like. This is not SUSTAINABLE.

The general population is just WAITING to hear someone on the radio saying 'It's okay, everything is fine and dandy'. There waiting upon someone, or something to set everything straight. But it will not come. They're waiting for the government, or an authority to come up with a perfect plan. But they don't know what the fuck to do! THEY, the PEOPLE, US need to do something. we are the majority. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

In the natural universe (not the matrix we are in right now) do we see other animals, other species DESTROY the planet? They are doing what they are MEANT to be doing naturally. Everything is is order. The planet needs them. Plants need them. They are entwined and essential to the eco-system.
WE are NOT doing what we are meant to be doing naturally. Everything is in DISorder.
And we are NOT needed by the Earth. If the whole of humanity were to disappear tomorrow, the world would do perfectly fine without us. In fact, it would do BETTER.
And this is what (most) people don't get. We ARE NOT IN CHARGE. We may like to think so, but just look at us now. Natural order is coming around to bite us. And we must EMBRACE it!
Follow the flow. Get back to our roots. LETS MAKE THINGS DIFFERENT. We need a change. A long-lasting, sustainable change.

This IS possible. We can reverse the inexcusable damage we have done to NOT ONLY OURSELVES, but all things. We have not only put ourselves in shit, we have been greedy and made everything else jump on board our sinking ship too.
So lets see things differently starting today! Lets turn a new page. But don't wait upon other people. have confidence in yourself, and believe YOU can make a difference.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that feels better to have let it all out!!
(: That was a little deep (:
Sorry, I know some of it doesn't make sense.
But I just wrote down what I am/was feeling.

But of course!! I have to add some photos!! ;)

Here are some pics i took a while ago in the summer:

Right, I'm off to get some sleep!! (:


Tegan the (Raw) Vegan said...

Heya! I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog, most likely from goneraw.com, and I'm so excited to see you're doing a juice feast! As soon as my bank balance recovers from my new dehydrator, I'll be embarking on a juicier existence.

I imagine hunger is not an issue after the first few days? How is your energy? Mood stability? (I'm a sucker for a mood swing).

In any case, I look forward to reading your posts and I'll link to your blog from mine, if that's okay by you :)

- Tegan

Agnesss =) said...

Hi Aj!!!!!

How are you doing??? Hpw many days left for your JUICE FEAST?? =DD

Girl,just I'm a bit worried bout you haah.. PLEASE don't overdo it ok?? =D Juice FEASTING is great but maybe not too long at first (as we are still teenagers you know!!) I remember myself trying different types of such detoxes and..it was NOT always good for me..=(

Hope you're not angry or sth for saying this!! I just care for you!! =))

Oh...your thoughts...yeah..you're right. School's definitely NOT the place where we learn how to LIVE..!! And that's the most annoying thing since we spend SOO MUCH TIME THERE!!!! =/// Well.. just have to finish it quick and MOVE TO OUR OWN LIFES!!!! =D And learn from each other and for ourselves...=D

Aj,where excatly do you live??? I'll be probably visiting London this winter and...maybe we could MEET..!!??? => What do you think????=D

What are your favourite foods?? What do you like preparing?? Some raw food recipes etc?? =D

Let me know !!

Enjoy your day!!!!!!!! =DDDD

HUGS from POLAND!!!!!