Been very busy!!!

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Sorry, I've been naughty and not updated!! ;)
Buuuuuut we are MOVING and I'm changing school atm so everything is quite HECTIC!!!

But, I did think it a bit mean of me not to at least post some pics, soooooooo... :)

Here are some more of Spain:

This is in the town we stayed in on the 2nd weekend of our 2 2/1 week visit to Spain . We visited a friend, Enrico. This is the well where most people wash their clothes and get their drinking water in the little village. :)

This is some yummy yummy peaches we got on the way back on the airport :)

This is the view from my and my brother's tent at the 'WWOOF'ing Finca/farm we stayed at!!

They had loads of plum trees ;)

Recent photos in France:

YUM! Plum vines from the market!! :) They're purple inside, yummy :)

We love organic tomatoes :) These were all gone in 3/4 days :)

My first yellow tomato on my balcony! :D yum!

YAYYYY!! Massive 12kilo water melon :DDD
Perfecttttttt, as it's been SOOOOOOOO hot here in France!!!!
This was eaten in 2 DAYS! :)

Yum, all lovely produce from the market plus the watermelon above :)
Figs, apricots, nectarines, peaches, reine claudes, bananas, tomatoes.... YUM! :)

FIGSSSS!! :D I'm crazy about figs :D

Soo, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to give a PROPER post about my experience in Spain!!!
Should be soon, as we are actually moving in TODAY!! and I'm starting a new school THIS MONDAY!!!
Wish me luck :D
Hop your all having fun x


Ksenia said...

Luckily I am not starting school until 14th September, so I still have a couple of weeks to revise some subjects =S
This year is going to be my last year before university, so it's going to be a haaard one >.<
Good luck in you new school ;)
You photos from Spain look great! I would like to be determined enough to become raw =S Maybe some day, he he ^^

Anonymous said...

just read all your posts so far and I have to say they are truly inspirational, thank you. I would like to ask you which books have helped you through your transition from vegan to raw and if you had any further advice I would be really grateful.

Thank you!

ajchanter said...

Hey Ksenia!
Thanks so much for your kind comment! It's easier then you think, going raw ;)

Hello 'anonymous'!

thanks so much for your warm comment, I find it so encouraging!! :D

Books which I definatly recommend from going from vegan to raw are: Green For Life, Victoria Boutenko; The 80/10/10 Diet, Dr Douglas Graham; The Live Food Factor, Susan Schenck.

The books above are more informational books rather than recipe books, as I recommend more of a simple, fruit based, low fat raw diet for optimal health as opposed to a high fat raw gourmet diet.

However, I don't think I could have lasted long if I went straight into eating how I do know (mostly fruit), so I do think it is good to know how to make lovely raw treats when the craving hits, as of course, it will still be healthier than any cooked counterpart!!
So, for that, I really recommend Anni's Raw Food Kitchen, by Anni Phyo as they are mostly easy, fast and don't need crazy ingredients from the other side of the world!

Hope this helps, please email me at if you have any more questions,

Have a great day!