Stephen Hawking lecture !

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Wow, we went to see Stephen Hawking on Tuesday, as he was doing a lecture here at one of the universities in Geneva!!!

It was about 'The Creation of the Universe'.......

Unfortunatly, there were SOOOOOOO many people they had to split them up into 10, yes 10!!!! different conference rooms with a sceen, and so only a certain number of lucky people could see him in 'person',
but still, it was amazing how he talked through a box, I still don't know how it works!
The lecture was in English of course, but I still couldn't understand some sentences, as it took a while to ajust to the voice of the box,
but it was amazing as the lecture was really humorous and inspirational!
Here are some pics:

Other news: We are starting our Juice Feast tomorrow!!!!!! woooooo!
It's so cool, read about what happened today here. :)))))

wow, it's getting confusing writing 2 blogs at a time!! ;))