Catered for TWO raw dinners!!! & SCORED on persimmons! & Home made sun-dried tomatoes and Pulp Crakers!

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Wooow it's been a while since I last posted!

I've been quite busy, as per usual, and have recently catered for my first Raw Dinners ever!! :D
Briefly put, it was a "MEGA success" (as said from my client!)! :D
EEee, I'm soooooooo happy about them...
"well, how about some pictures!?!?" you might say....
Of core, I NEVER go with out taking photos! :D

Some things didn't go as planned...
BUT in the end, it turned out even better that way!!! :D
For example, I had planned on using Kale for the salad, BUT just THAT WEEK I needed it, the one place I can find it - an organic stall on the market, they say that they've STOPPED growing it in till it gets colder!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I was so distraught!!!! :P
But, I knew that spinach had the same effect when you massage it, it gets wilted, so instead I bought 1kg of spinach to use.....
It worked PERFECTLY, and went better than if it was kale, as it was lighter and the dinner was already somewhat 'heavy' from the raw pizza and pesto pasta.
AND, another thing was the 'pizza' crakers.... the ones I made specially for the dinner were to crunchy and just fell apart!.. But luckely I had some other raw crakers I had just made days before that were PERFECT as pizza crusts :D
Yay! It was the first time I have catered for a proper raw dinner... it went so well!!!
And 2 nights in a row! :D 2 dinners for 7 people each time!
Here are some (lots) of piccies of the food and making it ect...! XD

On the menu was (all raw, organic):
Thai Green Juice (pineapple, spinach, apple, coriander)
Wilted Kale-Turned-Spinach Salad ;)
Pumkin Seed Pesto Pasta
Tuscan Pizza
Peach-Pear Chocolate Layered Cake

Raw Vegan Parmesan

Putting on the 'frosting' :)

I took the cake to the clients house withOUT decoration as we planned that the kids there decorated it!.. They did a FANTASTIC job! :D...

It doesn't look like a lot of Wilted Spinach Salad, but this was a BIG bowl! :))

Freshly grown Rocket sprouts for the pizzas!

Marinated Dehydrated Mushrooms for the pizzas!... SOOO GOOD!

Making the Green Juice at the clients house with the kids!

Checking my check list on the way out :))

Gave the client a yummy gift of raw crackers :)))

The Pumpkin Seed Pesto!!

Deshelling the walnuts!

These are the pizza crusts I used:

My clients gave ME a WONDERFUL gift of my now-favourite bag!!....


YAY!!!!!!... PERSIMMONS are in season!! :D




I found a place on the market where I can get 20 persimmons for just 8CH!!!!!!!!
Normally they are 7CH for 3!!!!!
I'm in heaven ;)
But.. Ooops... they don't travel that well!...

I spotted this elastic band heart while washing up :D

Still crazy about tomatoes!...

And another heart! ;)

I also did a 5L juice delivery to a yoga center :))

And, with the pulp with all the juicing we've been doing lately, we've been making a TON of Pulp Crackers!!!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!


Stacy said...

Yey!!! Love your site!!! Very Inspiring.... wish I would've known what you do at your age!!!

Earth Mother said...

Quite an impressive undertaking! If you weren't on the other side of that big pond, I'd hire you for catering. Beautiful job!

ajchanter said...

Hello Stacy and Earth Mother!

I really appreciate the lovely comments!!!

You inspire me to try and post more!! (I've got exams in 2 weeks.. which is why I've been a little absent!!!)

Thanks a bunch!
Have a fabulous day!