Carrot & Sweet Potato Chips! 1

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Hey all! :)
(I'm going to do a series of posts, as for some reason it is only letting me unload 4 pics per post! :o)
Lately, as carots and sweet potatoes are abundant at this time, we've been making stacks full of carrot and sweet potato chips!

I cut the veggies on a mandoline...
But you not limited to just carrots and sweet potatoes! Try with beetroot, turnip, celeriac... mostly all the root veggies you can think of!

Personally, I prefer mine plain, with nothing on them, but my mum likes it when I dip them in olive oil mixed with a little sea salt before I dehydrate them! :)

The sweet potatoes don't take too long to dry.. just pop them in over night and they will be done in the morning!..... mmmmmmm they are SOO good!.. I can finish off a whole tray by themself!
THe carrot chips have a more earthy taste, which I don't really like by themself, but I love them in salads and whatnot, really gives a nice crunch! They also take wayyyyyy longer to dry for some reason, like a full day or more!

In the dehydrator :)

These photos don't do them justice.. they really do look pretty!

Ahhh, that's better ;)

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