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Ohhhhhh, I just HAD to blog about this straight awayyyyy!!!...
I just wanted to share a revelation :D

It's a miracle!!!! My dad is officially 2 VERY LARGE steps more to being VEGAN!...

My parents have finally STOPPED buying and drinking milk
"It makes sense after all this time... NO, no more milk" is what my dad said.
This. Is. Groundbreaking.
My dad is the type of guy who is known to drink milk straight from the carton!

Plus, he went out to a restaurant tonight with friends to a place where all the meat is organic and free range and said he took one bite of meat and stopped. He knew that it would be his last.
He said this surprised him because he was actually looking forward to a little bit of guilty 'pleasure'! But he said he just couldn't take one more bite. WOO!

Well, actually, my dad admitted to committing to 100% vegan at home now (WOOOO!), but he says the difficulty comes when going out and when with friends.

Well, It'ul get there!
I'm so proud :D

I've rubbed off on him after all :) :D

My dad's lunch of raw vegan Pizza! made by me :) :
(Ani Phyo's black sesame bread, raw seed cheeze, raw tomato sauce, olives, tomato, sun-dried tomato and onion :)