Food For Free!!!

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Hellooooo again! :D
It's been a while!



I've been trying to be productive everyday...
I've got tonssssss of photos to show you guys!

First of all... FOOD FOR FREE!
It's that lovely time of year where FRUIT trees are blossoming!
Here are some of the treasures that I've been picking.....

Cherries!.. These are the sour kind, but I also found plenty of the sweet ones!...
I'll try and find the photos, so I can post them on my next post!
Arg, I've got loads of photos of foraging which I can't find atm :(
But I'll posts them next time :)

They are to live for!

There are a few different varieties I've found (we've got, like 7 TREES RIGHT OUTSIDE our apartmement!!!!)
... white, pink (my FAV!), and black! YUMMMM!!!

Okay, no I didn't forage these bananas, though >.<

Haha, all these bananas were GONE in 3 days! :)
Magic! ;)

Oohhhh, found an apricot tree near me, hope to be back there soon.......

We went to a garden centre called Botanic (ohhh, I love going there ^_^! haha,m so fun looking at all of the things I could grow... PLUS, they've recently changed to ALL organic!! wooo!)..

Pretty flowers :)

Arg, I wanted to get sooooo many plants!
They had fig trees, kiwi plants, abricot trees, blueberry & raspberry plants


....Is my FAVVV kind! It seriously tastes like marsypan to me!! :)

Ohhh, and following a youtube video, Rocket Composting (REALLY good idea, btw! Thanks Yardsnacker!) I did my own compost goo a few weeks back...

And looking at my plants now, I can say that I think it really helped my plants!!
(On the next post, I will update on my balcony garden... which is giong veryyyy well!! YAY!)

Did I mention my brother visited a few weeks back?
Ohhh, it was sooo lovely to see him!!
And the best bit? He was REALLY motivated to change his lifestyle/diet!!
Ahhh, I was over-the-moon happy!! :)

His B-Day had also just been, so me and mum made him a RAW chocolate Brownie cake!! :)

... Which he gobbled up with joy ;)

More pretty flowers which were at the garden centre..... :)

Oh, and I also went to Aqua Park with some friends... I'll post the pics up next time as they're still on my phone :) It was awesome!