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Hi there!
I'm Aj (short for Alma-Jade), a 15-year old raw vegan teenager. In short, this blog (my first blog ever) will hopefully serve as much as an eye opener for a wide range of people as it will for myself! as it is a way to release a lot of held-back emotions clogging me up, plus telling my story along the way! :)

So, a quick résumé about me! :

During my journey of where I am now, i have been through very dark moments of self-hatred, self.abuse (some physical but mostly metal), and times when I felt so alone and isolated that i could have been the last person on earth and it wouldn't have make a difference. I went from being a very active social being, to one that shunned myself away, in fear of being ridiculed.

But, i find that the longer i am raw, the more confident I get, and i now really enjoy sharing and giving advice about the raw vegan lifestyle, and also I am not shy to talk to anyone, and now thoroughly enjoy expressing myself and spreading positive vibes to everyone I meet, even strangers on the bus :)

I am also truly blessed to have parents like mine, how have come to accept and embrace my way of life.

Another great gift in my life is my brother, Liam. He is truly the best brother in the world. I am sincerely grateful to him always.

And to my grandparents, especially Baka (meaning grandma in Croatian) who started this, and put me on the right track towards where I am now.

If you would like to, or are interested about finding out more about my journey, then i am currently in the middle of writing a book, so watch this space! :)

Hope you enjoy reading my blog! :)
Have an awesome day!


troublesjustabubble:) said...

Hey there! Good to see an intelligent teenage blog! I'm excited to watch and hear about your journey.

Definitely going to bookmark this, it looks like a keeper!

go raw!

ajchanter said...

troublesjustabubble:) thank you so much! Your so kind!
yayy! (:
i agree! Go raw!

Cecilia said...

Hey girl !
Just found the link to your blog while browsing on Kristen's raw.
So cool to read about your journey. The food you make is beautiful ! And God, I would kill to have your garden, loool.
Do you speak French ?
I'm 21 and I live in Paris. I embraced the living raw vegan lifestile four months ago.
I know I don't need to say this but I will : I LOVE IT (my boyfriend too) !!!
RAWk on :)
and peace and love of course.

Biz Ceci