Mountain Yurt Experience!

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For my Birthday a while back (3rd of August) we went up to the mountains to spend the night in a... YURT!!!
I had told my parents that i would like to end up living in a yurt somewhere hot, and so they made arrangements for us to stay in one for a night highhhhh up in the mountains over 2KM high, above Montreux (in Switzerland) in a place calledRochers-de-Naye.. ABSOLUTE BLISS!!

Simply breath-taking views

We were really lucky the first day, and had perfect weather.
We went on a walk and i took soooooooo many pics of simply GORGEOUS wild flowers!

I love this one, because of the swirly shadow that the stalk bit in the middle casts!

Of course, i had to bring along some raw creations to last our journey.
I had enough so that we could all (me, my dad, and my mum)
eat the same as my Birthday meal.
It had to be simple, and not messy as were were travelling,
so i made a raw dish of courgette spaghetti with pesto with salad
- we looooove greens!
Along with a chocolate avocado mouse topped with divine edible flowers and banana ice-cream.

They gave us a free bottle of Champagne - my dad drank it all to himself(;

And the yurt was absolutely amazing! Simply stunning, on the interior and exterior.

Such spectacular flowers!

On our walk, we climbed up a little (well, not that little.. :) mount and arrived at a dazzling view on top....

The view from the top

On out way down, this guy with his two teenage kids started to take pictures of us.
We started talking to them when we eventually got down, and he explained to us that he has made it his mission to do at least 3 good deeds a day ("3 bonnes actions") for other people.
He asked us for our email so he could send us the pictures. This was his 2nd selfless act today, he said.

I thought this was a brilliant concept to immerse into everyday life.

So, what good deeds have you done today? :)