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Hellooo, just a quick, short update!
Yesterday evening, we went for our usual walk around our village, up to a casle, nd on the way we pass a fig tree.
We thought it was too cold a climate for the fruit to come out and its already wayy past summer, butttt to our plesent surprise, some were ripe!!!
yayyy! mmmmmmmm, figs! ;) my fav!
Here are some pics!

mmm, our wonderfull collection of figs straight off the tree! (:

Secret window looking onto the gates of the castle (;

Hhh... iv got to tell you though.. it took some work to get these lil' beauties down - it involved climbing a wall taller than me! :D
But it was worth it!

I'll leave you with a quote
"If you can dream it, you can achieve it"

... and i certainly dreamed about getting those figs down! (;