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Just a quick update!
I've been listening to RAWkathon; It's brilliant!
It really is amazing how much more you can learn.
and some of the points made really resonate with me.
I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Adams interview, especially the end part just really resonated with me.

I would of loved to have watched it again, and shown it too my parents, but alas I didn't take note that they are only available for a 24 hour period!

I was taking notes throughout the video.
Here are some of the notes i took!, so those of you who didn't watch this interview can get a hold of some of the main points:

  • Plant based protein vs animal protein
    • meat is contaminated
      • FDA approved: chicken food to be fed to cows (Okay, I knew meat is contaminated but sheesh!
    • Fear hormones - you ingest the fear that went through the animal before slaughter, for example
      • You are what you eat
    • Environment (Most of us know this, but I was also just writing down some main factors :)
      • The world can't take it
  • Individualized living - one size [diet] does not fir all
  • Be your own detective
  • If you get your [nutritional] information from mainstream media, you are going to live a live of extreme deception
  • Cancer is not complicated - 'easier to cure than the common cold'
  • Protect sustainable life
    • Not limited to just human life (!)
  • Protect genetic code
  • Be empowered by knowledge
  • We have to live in harmony in nature, or we won't live at all
    • We have to realize that the world doesn't need us (humans) - it would even be better off with out us! - meaning we don't have an excuse to dominate
Although this doesn't summarize the whole video, I hope it gives you some clues about what he talked about.
I just really hope it ends up on Youtube, it's so great! I know that these interviews are available on DVD, but - my! - are they expensive (although I'm not doubting the quality of them at all!) and I just can't pay that right now, unfortunately.

Haha, another things I've come to realize, is that raw foodists seems to use the word resonate alot.... :D

Anyway, just to say I'm really enjoying the Rawkathon, and a big thank-you to all involved.

I hope you're all benefiting from them just as much!

Have an awesome day!