Bees... & My present diet

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Ah, I just love taking pictures of bees. They are such complex, beautiful little animals!
Here are a few I took recently! (:

I'm always surprised at how well they come out (the quality) as I take them with my phone camera!

So anyway, sorry about that little detour... Back to raw food!
My diet evolves, and changes. My diet now is complete different to say, a few months ago.

For me, it depends on the season (winter, summer), what's in season (I try to buy as local as poss), etc..
Nowerdays, i feel mostly drawn to LOADS of veggies, lots of greens (including tons of herbs) a little seaweed everyday, low fat (an avocado here and there, or some sprouted seeds) and i don't eat that much fruit - although don't get me wrong; i have my fruit days too! (;
I do include Raw honey and fresh pollen though... so I guess I'm a raw bee-gan.
But not from anywhere... I know the bee-keeper and I get it at my market.
It's organic, local and raw plus he really cares about his bees.

Although at the moment, I'm kind of a liquidarian.
But this is because I've just got my braces on!! OUCH!!
They hurt! For the first few days I couldn't even chew a banana!

Here are some more I've taken (:

I'd be really interested to what people's opinions are of raw, local, organic honey and bee products. I feel good supporting my local bee-keeper, but I'd like to know other people's views on this, as I know some people are against it.

So, what do you think!?