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Wow, I've just finished a whole day of a Anusara Yoga course of 5 hours yoga (with a lunch break in between - I bought my own :), and I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!

I was be able to go into a proper Lotus position for the first time! (Someone took a picture of me while I was doing it - Okay, i might be smiling, but OUCH! it ached - but in a goodish way!!!)

I found out about this course on Wednesday at our monthly Raw Food Meet up. David, the founder, is very into yoga, and this month had some very special yogis all the way from Colorado staying at his flat. They were doing a trip around Europe, and Geneva, Switzerland was their last stop.

This was taken from

I met Amy, the teacher, at the meet up for the first time before the course.
She is SO amazing and kind and beautiful, and I can relate to her in many many ways.
She turned vegan when she was 15 and was always a little different from the crowd I just felt totally comfortable around her.

She's also doing a yoga retreat in Chile soon.
Ahhh, I wish I could go! (;

There was actually sessions going on this whole weekend, and Friday evening.
I went to Friday's one and today's only, because as much as I would have loved to attend everyone, we just couldn't afford it.
But, wow, just wow! Friday wasn't a very good day for me at all at school and I came back considering even to cancel the yoga. But I'm so glad I didn't cancel!!!!!
I felt SO good afterwards, all of the troubles at school were forgotten, or pushed down.

And today it just kept getting better!!
With Amy's help I managed to do a full back bend (bridge) then go on my tiptoes while in that position and sway myself up to standing. then from standing, I bent back down into the position. I have never been able to do this, and have actually always been scared of doing it. But I put my complete trust in her, and voilĂ !

This is the 'chant' we sing before starting.
It really does calm you down and gets you to feel all of the vibes from the other people (note: some letters have accents on them, but I don't know how to add the on this). It also really does sound beautiful when sung:


Namah Shivaya Gurave
I honour the essence of Being, the Auspicious One,
the luminous Teacher within and withou

Satchidananda Murtaye
Who assumes the forms of Truth, Conciousness, and Bliss

Nishprapanchaya Shantaye
Is never absent, full of peace,
Niralambaya Tejase
Ultimatly free and sparkled with a divine luster.


The place where the classes were situated were magnificent.

It was so peaceful. Surrounded by vineyards.
I took some pictures.
Of course :)Vineyards!
I tried one, but it was a bit sour

I feel so much more flexible now. But of course, I have to keep it up.
I plan to keep doing yoga classes at least once a week -yay!

Oh, and another wow!
Yesterday at the health food store, there was this amazing fruit.
I've forgotten what it's called, but BOY is it good!
My dad attacked it like a caveman, no lie (!).

That's it for now!
How is your yoga getting along!? :D


rost0037 said...

Looks like cherimoya, yum!