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Seeing as I eat so many lettuce heads, we bought a whole crate of 12 and got 10% off :)
Yay, my mum is going on a juice feast with me the week after next!!
Can't wait!!

YUM! I've been eating 1-3 heads a day! :O

OOhhhhh, exciting news:
I'm going to try and do a Raw delivery service!! :)
I've already done the menus & stuff, I'm going to put some up in my local health food stores soon, and bring them along to the next raw potluck! :)

Ohhhh, so I made these fudge truffles for a friend.......

This was it before I rolled them up n stuff:


Place ingredients in blender:


Make sure it looks like fudge!: ;)

Pour into a container:


My mum LOVED this amond milk, she said it was so creamy and soothing! :)
(it had coconut oil, vanilla and some agave)

Mum was feeling unwell yesterday when she got back and said she had a headache and the chills, so I made her a PURE shot of ginger juice! OUCH!
She felt IMMEDIATELY better, her headache and her chills diminished!... but I had to go get her some coconut water STRAIGHT away, because that stuff is HOT!! :)

Bbrrrrrrr, It's cold here!!!!
Have an awesome day!! :D


♥ Lesley Anne ♥ said...

Ohhh YUM! That looks great. Your inspiring me to make some for dinner. It's so cold here that I put a little cayenne pepper & ginger in my juice to warm me up.