Totally disgusted!!! :(

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Ahhh, this kind of this just makes me so mad, and it makes me think how inhuman and proves how disconnected with our natural alignment we have become....

Me and my mum went to the Old Town (in Switzerland, Geneva) to go to a presentation about the Marutiré (it's like the equivalent of A Levels) that mum has persuaded me to think of as an option to do next year.... and anywayyy, mum got the date wrong ;) so we ended up walking around... and there are plenty of little boutiques around there (all of them were shut as it was late).
So anyway, I looked at the display at one of these little shops... and was HORRIFIED to see a dead animal scarf with a HEAD looking back at me....

Grr, I was so upset :(
My mum said we should email PETA about them ;)
But then.. even worse, on the same shop's display, they had a poster saying 'animal du soir' (animal of the evening) showcasing different types of fur coats for different occasions. :(

I wish that shop was open so I could of given them a real telling off! ;)

I mean, this sort of thing should be illegal!!!!!! :(


Zucchini Breath said...

oh, no!!! I can't believe people still wear fur. Amazing

Zucchini Breath said...

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Cheers! said...

I am a raw vegan and feed my dog animal bones. LOL. He is on the raw carnivore diet, its so gross but what he eats.


When I went to Paris I saw a whole family in floor length fur gowns. It looked silly


I am a raw food vegan myself.

ajchanter said...

It's an honour to have you comment on my blog! lol :)
I love yours, and how you write! (:

I believe it is a different story with Eskimos. They do not wear fear because it is 'in fashion', but purely as a necessity. There is a big difference: they wear it more for need, while 'we' wear it for greed.

Some people may disagree, but, I do believe that [most] people wearing a fur coat should be considered as murderers, because of the pain, suffering and torture (s)he committed/supported by making/buying the coat.

ajchanter said...

Zb - yeah I know!, I thought it was already illegal.. especially in Switzerland, where they've banned battery eggs!