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Oh, a lovely friend was kind enough to bring me back some raw stuff from her trip to the US this winter hols! (:

ohhh, look at that colour!! :)

The sprouted flax powder seriously tastes like short-bread!! >.< Hehe, my raw inventory is growing! :O

Ooohhh, and my mum (who is now Okay :) brought me back a really wierd-but-cool looking Lebanese Chirimoya!... Yum, yum!! It was delicious!!!

(usually, chirimoyas have a smoother skin, but this one was lumpy!! :D)

mmmm, it was PERFECTLY ripe! *drool*

I also made some Raw Macaroons for mum and dad...
they are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about them!! (:
(they know how to make them by heart now! :P)

The recipe is originally adapted from Raw Food, Real World:
It's practically coconut flakes, a sticky sweetener (I used organic pear syrup because we didn't have agave)
and then add either ground almonds (to make blonde macaroons)
or cacao powder (to make choco macaroons)
Opps, I forgot to add that these were then dehydrated until they became crispy on the outside, but still chewy on the inside! :)


Paulina said...

Lucky girl! Those macaroons look delish - did you dehydrate them?

ajchanter said...

Oh, yes I did - oops I forgot to add that! Thanks! :D