Raw in Spain!

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A little while ago, me and my mum went for a long weekend in Palma, Mallorca, to attend mum's friends wedding.
I bought a mango, and some other bits and pieces through with me on to the plane, thinking i would make it last the weekend, but as usual, there was only enough for breakfast the next day! (;

But, i thought, as it was Spain, and hot (to my standards!) i fought out to find a market. Mum warned me not to expect organic produce.
Well, not ONLY did we find an organic stand (YAY!) but they had my favourite AMAZING sharron fruit (also known as persimmons) and avocados and herbs, and tomatoes and sprouts etc.. (you get the idea.. :) that i stocked up on but they also had RAW CRACKERS!! That's right, they had Raw sprouted flax crackers!!! from this lovely lady: www.purepassionforlife.com
I gave most of the crackers to my mum, but did have a nibble and they were gorgeous, because dehydrated food doesn't seem to work too well with me. (:

ohhhhhh, wow!


Simple, but ohhh so yummy!

We had LOADS of pictures, plus one of me standing in front of the stall (it was an inside food market) BUT mums phone got stolen on the LAST DAY!! In fact, it was on our way to the airport to LEAVE!!!! :(
Although i did take a few on my phone.

One thing i did notice while eating the organic sharron fruits was that they have large SEEDS in them, and i had never noticed that before. So, just out of curiosity, when we got back to France i picked up a persimmon at my local market, and sure enough, NO SEEDS. it was really a shame when i saw this because its just like seedless grapes, its not natural.

So, how did Spain go for a raw teenager like myself?

Well, there were some awkward times, especially as food was served. They eat dinner at 10pm or later! (i eat it at around 5, depending when i end school). The first night, we went to like (sorry, i say like alot - too much :) a little before-celebration to all meet up before the big finale, and out of ALL of the people there, something like 95% were family of the husband to be!!! (the bride is English, the groom is Spanish) Also, the the building were the party was set was owned by his family, and was divided into about 6 flats and all lived in by close reletivs! (he had his grandma living underneath!) How cool!

Although, this did make me feel alittle out of place, as they all knew each other, all were speaking Spanish (the next language i would love to learn! :) and already probably thought i was a little odd because i wasn't eating at 10:30 at night!!
But, i have to say, by the end of the weekend, i got on with everybody SO well, and the brooms parents even welcomed us to stay in her house if ever we are around that area again! How nice!

Ohhh, we went walking around around and we saw olive trees, date trees, lemon trees, orange trees, POMAGRANTE trees (i took pictures but, yeah..).. SO beautifull!!!

Wow! The 'wedding' Saturday night turned out to be more of a rave than anything else!! They had a DJ, lights, and we all danced through the night!!! It was the first time in agesssssss that i had worn a dress and heels, so my legs were killing when we finally went home at 5AM. Oh yeah, and out flight back was at 7AM!


flipper said...

"They eat dinner at 10pm or later!"

xD, when i go out of spain i have the opposite problem, when i wake up i must wait to lunch time to eat, and when i want to have dinner there is all the places closed