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Helloooooo! :)
There's sooo much to catch up on, I'm just going to throw some pictures at you :)

Last week, my grandma, my mum and myself went on a juice feast!!!!!
It was awesome!
We did it for 5 days full, but were still drinking around 1-2-3 L of greeeeeeen juice a day!

For my grandma, it was brilliant for her fibromyalgia... she has NO PAIN NOW!!!!! (And she went off ALL her meds during that time!... not on purpose at first ;), as she forgot them in Holland, but she found SHE DIDNT NEED THEM!!! She also has an unusual type of arthritis (not inflammatory).
However, she has started taking them again, because she has been getting not-so-nice withdrawals from the drugs (they are opium/morphine based)... like at night she didn't sleep much because it felt like ants were all over.. yeah, not so nice!
But she says she will SLOWLY try and ween herself off the drugs/medication. As long as she stays (mostly) raw, she has no pain. I'm soooo happy!!!!

For my mum, she lost 5 pounds in 5 days, and she felt BRILLIANT. She said she would have carried on (she enjoyed feeling light and not thinking about eating) if we hadn't run out of produce ;)

For me, it was a nice head start into 80/10/10. I haven't had overts in about 2 weeks now, and I feel better than ever! (I know juices arn't strickly 80/10/10, but for now, I'm feeling brill with green juice :)

My mum and my grandma are RAW NOW! :) woohoooo!

Haha, I took a pic of this specially to show you guys!! ;)
It's DURIAN ESSENCE!!! I found it in an Asian store!!!!
Haha, sooo, some people really do like the smell ;)

My parsley is growing very nicley... this pic is of a few weeks back! It's much bigger now!
I'm also growing other herbs, rocket, and spinach all on my balcony!!
I'm also about to plant some tomato seeds to grow! D

woooooahhhh, this is all the ORGANIC produce we got to start the juice feast :D... there's MORE in the car!!!

Omg, yaaaaaaay organic strawberries are back!!!!

Eeeeee, my t-shirt from Peta2 arrived!! I love it :D

Haha! We left bean sprouts to sprout and they're turning into a bush!!! :D

mmm, lettuce/apple/cucumber/ginger green juice for a friend!


Balazs said...

Its amazing that your mother and your granmother also went raw. Its very rare. You must be very convincing.

Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
keep posting!


texmex said...

Ouah that is a bog amount of food. Could you tell us where you get all those vegs and if they are bio. I am living in Pays de Gex and apart from satoriz there is not much source of local vegs and don't even dream of local bio vegs!

Thanks in advance.

ajchanter said...

Hello!!!!! I'm SOO SORRY! I thought I had commented back AGES ago!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to answer your question... YES! all of that produce is bio... we got it in BULK from Satoriz in the BIG Satoriz in Thoiry... although usually we go to the one just next to us in Ferney Volatire!

It's nice to see someone near by!
If your interested in the raw lifestyle, we hold a Raw Food Potluck every month :) ... http://rawfood.meetup.com/461/fr/

I am also living in Pays de Gex!! In Ferney Volatire to be precise :) .... Yeah, theres not much choice apart from Satoriz (which has quite a good selection of fresh stuff!)....
Yup, local is a hard one... there is the Ferney Market we go to on Saturdays in the morning (it's there untill 13:00)... they have ONE CERTIFIED organic stall, and a few uncertified....

Again, sorry for the delay in response!!!