Long-ish -- and colourful! -- update!!

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It's been a while again!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh, My exams start in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I went for a walk tonight,
I thought "Wouldn't it be funny if I met my mum on the way back coming back from work",
and then "Nahhh, that won't happen!"...
Well, well, well, guess you was just coming into the parking while I was... :)
Syncronicity, you showed me wrong! ;)

We have a (temporary) circus set up across from our appartement :(
And they have animals - including 'exotic' ones!! :( NOOO!!!
I'm bummed out, because they are all chained up!!!!! (you can't really see the chains on the photos, but they all have a certain restricted - and very small - space/length/radius that they can go in) :(((((
While I was walking past, I just wanted to untie them!

They looked so unhappy.....

I did a GORGEOUS yoga workshop last weekend!
It was brill!... 3 hours on Sat and 2 hours on Sun (It was meant to be 3 h again, but we got the timed muddled, so I only made it to the last 2h!)
I loved it!
Woooooo, my plants are GROWING!!
And I'm growing some new other stuff aswell.... (I'll take pics to show you guys next time :)

Physalis and yellow tomatoes are the newest additions.. and they are already starting to come out!... I've also got cherry tomatoes, lots of parsley, rosemary, spinach, rocket, chives, mint.... YAY!

The mountains were lovely today!!!!!!

Other pics from my walk today:

FIGSSSSSSSSSS are flowering on the treeeee!!!!!!!! YUPPEEEE!!!

The pic below was taken LAST WEEK!:

Look how much it's flowered!!!

We also stopped by a local organic farm shop... there wasn't much in terms of fresh produce this time round but we got some more herbs (chives and mint) to plant ...:)

my mum and grandma :)

A few days ago, we went for a lovely walk by the lake....

I love lilac!!!


me and my mum! (:
Love you mum!

YUM!!!!! I made this SUPER delicious smoothie a few days ago....
Only 2 ingredients!!!!!....
made with a sugarloaf (white flesh) pineapple and (raw-- I get Dr Martins) coconut water!!!
(1 medium pineapple to 1, 500ml bottle of coconut water)
It is SUPER yummy!! Sooooo sooo super yummy!!!
It may be SOO super yummy, you have over the amount your mouth can bear!!!!... Mm mouth was BURNING all day after a few cups of the stuff!!!!!!! OUCH!!!

Greeeeeeeeeen juice:
(this is from last week, havn't had any this week... I've just been munching on whole lettuce heads this week!!!!....
seriously, I've been LOVING mono romaine lettuce and endive!!!! SOO good! :)

I cannot get enough of tomatos!!!!
Why are they so expensive though!?!? :(

YUM! RIPE bananas!

OOOooooo! On my walk last week, I encountered a really cute geco (sp?) , which just stayed in the same position for AGES, while I took photos! ;)
So cute!

Hehe, I love deformed tomatoes!!! :)

This is just before a storm hit!: