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Omggggg!!!!!!!! It's been soooooooooooooooo long since my last post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would have posted MUCH sooner, but my internet has been - and STILLLLL is - down!!!!!!!! :(
Not to mention how busy I've been.....
I got the results and papers back from my (mock) GCSE exams I did that I was talking about in my last post and.............
IM SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got A* (the highest grade) in most of them, A's in the rest, and 1 B+ (which I wasnt suprised as we hadn't studied that part in a year!!!)

And my most recent essay I done got 40/40 (A*)!!!!!! :D and I did an oral on Wednesday and I got A* 39/40 AND i just got back this other piece of writing I did this week and I got A*!!!!!!
Im soo happy! and I did the oral on Animal experimentation!!! (:

Plussssss... sorry nif im boring you already with this school stuff ;)..... I got an average of A* (this is all for English btw:)!!!!!!! yayayayay!!!!!!!


Okay... haha, sorry about that :)

Ahhh, I have to hope off now, as I'm in an internet café!!!... So unfortunatly no pics in this post :(
I hope my internet will back on sometime next week (or hopefully sooner!!)
Thanks for being so patient!!! :)

Iv got soooo much more to say when I get backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (:!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!

(PS.. AGNES:: soo sorry havnt repley to your email yet, I will do when my internet is back on!!!!!!!)