Monster lemons!

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Look at these monster lemons!!!
I peeled them like an orange they were soo big! :)

Hehe, we stopped the car to take a pic of this view!:

They're Buffalos in the pic. They look so sweet and fluffy! :) I love all the flowers in the grass, and the mountains behind!

Well, the sprout bush died :(
It was getting a wee bit big!

It still looked pretty though, like one of those draping/hanging plants :) LOL! :)

The roots were so big and thick!!!

I made this raw spaghetti and sauce for mum and grandma.. they LOVED it :)

mmmm, we got sooo many to feed all of us :D

I organised the fridge! :)
We had soo much food... and the next day it was nearly all gone and the fridge was nearly empty! Seriously, food goes in a second!!!!

Yum, made a yummy salad...
-asparagus (YUM, but WAYYYY too expensive!!!)
-lemon juice

It was nice, but my tummy didn't really enjoy the combination..
I've been eating mono-meals lately, and feel wayyy better when I do. I prefer to drink my greens in a green juice, and savour the fruit by itself. YUM :)

I was spoiled on the weekend... I ate lots of mangos :)
(most of them weren't that good though :(!!)

The trees are blossoming!

We went on a lovely walk by the lake (Lake Léman/de Genève).

Too use up all those carrots we got (12 kilos!!), I made some carrot/apple/celery juices! yummy! :)

We got bunches and bunches of celery to juice up!!!

Blood :)

I looooooved orange juice (with bits), soooo good!!

OOooops, I made abit of a mess :)

Haha, looks like there was an accident here!!

Made this for my grandma, she gobbled it up :)

My arms got a good workout (and are still getting!) a good workout during this juice feast, as I made ALL the juices (I use a vita-mix with a nutmilk bag!)!! :)

I love taking photos of nature!! Here are some I took last year :)

YUM! Dragon fruit!


Balazs said...

amazing pics! thanks.

keep sharing :)


ajchanter said...

Hey Balazs!
For some reason I can't post comments on you blog :(
Thanks so much for all you nice comments :)
I love your blog, your very inspiriring to be going to uni and keepin' it 8/1010!! (:

Balazs said...

Yeah, thanks. Its good to hear that actually somebody reads my blog :)

Its weird that you cant post but I have the same problem with someone else, I dont know why.

keep up

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Aj!!!!!!!!

My dear Aj,it's been soooo loooooong since we both wrote anything to each other..!!!! Why did that happen..???!! =_( I miss YOU SOOOOOO MUCH my European RAW VEGAN FRIEND!!!!!!!!!

GIVE ME A SIGN,Aj,please let me know HOW ARE YOU etc...??? =D

I'm waiting for your answer!!!!!!!!! Hope you can still remember me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

BIG WARM SPRINGy HUGGGIES from Poland!!!!!!!

Agnesss =)))

Melinda said...

All of your pictures are sooo pretty! Love your blog!