Picture Post Update!! :)

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Ahh, sorry.. I thought I posted this yesterday!!!

Okay.. So, I've got quite alot of pics to share!!! :)

These first ones are of a animal RESCUE zoo we visited nearby, where they 'rescue' animals that 'real' zoos don't want any more, and they even rescue animals that have been part of scientific experiments! ...

They had a few fig trees, too!! All had figs on them, but not the edible kind apparently...
Although they looked ripe, they were all dry inside :( What a shame!!!

Note alllllllll of the cherries were ripe, but some were!
I was SOOO excited :DDD -- It was my first time in AGES picking fruit off the tree!!

Unfortunately (for the animals!), it was located right next the the airport, and so every 20 minutes or so while we were there, a noisy air plane flu (sp???!) over us...

However, the place was reallllyyy nicley done up as best the owner could (he was really nice, too!), and it was all greeeeen and loads of gorgeous flowers!..

And this AMAZINGLY friendly crow!!!....

ANd absolutely GORGEOUS 'wild' cats... I did feel a bit sad that they were in small enclosures though :( ... but they are much better

I just wanted to cuddle him! ;)

(this is a wild boar) :)




This watermelon was absolutely GORGEOUS!
Just look at the patterns and swirls!!!

Pics of walks :)

Found an apricot tree :D
..Hmm, planning to come back to it in a few weeks time :)

Watermelon smoothie!! YUM!

My rocket plants flowered!..
Pretty, but it stopped them from growing the rocket leaves!!! :(

I built my own shelves from all of these date boxes I had!!!! haha!!
Recycling and reusing is the way to go!!

ALL I used is the boxes and toothpicks!!!
No glue, no complicated things, just made 'em with things (2!) I had around the flat!

My FAVVVVVVV (or 1 of!:) smoothies:

Simply Cantaloupe melon blended!

More mangos ;)

I love these pics from a recent late walk...
The dark deep blue clear sky was just magical..
The pics don't quite capture it, I could have just stared at that sky all night!!

Glad to be back :)


Violet said...

i love your blog, please keep it updated! love the pics!!!!!!!!!

cherrybombpie said...

wow an albino peacock and what a watermelon!

ajchanter said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comments! :D