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blegggg, I was meant to get my braces off today, but they pushed it back because some of their equipment isn't working or something :(((((( grr!
Now I'm getting it done on the 4 of March! D:

Anywayss, about my friends coming over!!!!!!........
It went SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than expected!!!
They came one day late (Saturday afternoon, instead of Friday evening) because of the snow in England, and their flight got candled.
I was actually glad, but NOT in a mean way!, that they came one day later... I think that it would have gotten a little too awkward at eating times...
It doesn't help that I'm shy! >.<>

These were the view from the car.

These are from the ski lifts!

Our skiis! (Oli snowboarded)

This merry-go-round looked beautiful in the snow!!

They are gone now... they went early this morning.
I made them raw macaroons and chocolates to try, and they LOVED them!! :D
I also made them some green smoothie in the morning and they found it DELISH!

These are the raw chocs just coming out the freezer. :)

my hands after rolling the macaroons! :)

There were a couple of uneasy moments though....
Like last night, after skiing we stopped at a restaurant to eat in the mountains.
gahhh, yes, yes, I am quite picky and try to only eat organic food - besides, they didn't HAVE anything I could eat there anyway! Even ALL the salads were loaded with bacon, cheese, croutons..... GAH! And I didn't want a salad were these things were just picked off either! Soo.... I just said I wasn't hungry... In the end it was FINE.. I just kept TALKING, LAUGHING, and made sure there were no silences so they could'nt focuse on me NOT eating!! ..
Well, it worked... we had a great time...
It was just that they had a fondue (eg, cheeeeeeese, greasy cheeeeeeese)
and it just gets a bit bleg when they start commenting on how good the food is...
and I just have to keep quite...

The other thing is that, when friends come over, my mum's eating gets really bad.
I KNOW I should'nt 'tell' people what to eat, and I usually don't.
BUT when it's with my family, it's that much harder.
She finds it really easy to stay off meat and eat largely raw daily, BUT this weekend when our friends were over she eat sweets, BACON, HAM, and LOADS of processed icky cheese.
And I can't HELP but feel slightly (understatement) disappointed.
No, maybe it's not disappointment, but it's HARD to watch your loved ones stuff them self with POISONING 'foods' (especially when it involves killing animals.. eg meat :(. :(
I just love my mum too much, to be able to let her destroy herself through eating these foods!!!!
gfgfsdfshdfksdfhiwfdk dfhkjdfh.

All in all, it was really good, and I'm sooo glad!!!

And I made mum lots of YUMMY raw stuff today because even she admits she like, and feels SO much better eating raw!! :D

Green juice!! :D

Yum, I havn't had dates in quite a while, because I was once eating tooooooo many of them and eventually got put off them..
I tries these the other day....

and was surprised to find that even just after 2, it was wayyy to sugary and sweet for me!

I also made mum some marinated mushrooms to put in her salads..
omg! she eat them ALL up!
She loved them!!

marinated (in raw olive oil, touch of sea slat, wheat-free tamari, a little pear syrup), then lightly dehydrated mushrooms

I've been trying 80/10/10 these last couple days, and WOW!
... Not to mention the food bill has gone down!!! :D


Paulina said...

I'm glad all went better than you'd thought it would!

I feel the same way about watching loved ones stuff themselves with bad food. I can't help but say something!

I'm also eating 811rv now and love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just read all your posts so far and I have to say they are truly inspirational, thank you. I would like to ask you which books have helped you through your transition from vegan to raw and if you had any further advice I would be really grateful.

Thank you!