Get up and jiggle!!

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Right, I have made it a (very late x-mas) resolution to dance to at least one song a day!!
Well, okay my dancing is really only me jumping up and down, 'head banging' like a rock star, and flapping my arms around like I'm about to take off.
It still makes me feel good! ;)

It really has made me feel much better these last few days.... It gives me a few moments to 'go wild' ;)

I've been abit down lately what with school, exams coming up and we are also having a bit of a money problem too. Bleg.
BUT, of course, we all learn valuable lessons on the other side, so... I'm looking forward to that bit ;)
And I know we are going to get through it.
Not life threatening or anything.
I know, I should really be looking at the positive sides of live.
Hmmm, thats hard sometimes.
Ha!, who says we can't jiggle our way to happyness? ;)

My favourite song to dance to atm are:

So what, by Pink
It really gets you jumping!

Get Shaky, by The Ian Carey Project
... A good one to shake your bum to ;)

Imagine One Day, by Grace
This is a really beautiful song

So... no excuse, Get Boogying!!

I have a new veg snack favourite!!...
Runner Beans!!
I've found that they taste the best when peeled out of the 'shell'...

It's a bit tedious, but it's sooooooo worth it!!

Abouve is the outer layer being peeled of,
and below is the bit you eat!
It's simply scruptiuos!

I'm still enjoying my yummy orange smoothie daily :)
I went on a lovely walk today.
The sky was blue and cloudless.
The mountains looked beautifull... something I really love abou France/Switzerland....

This is the Jura from our balcony:

All white with snow...
if only that massive antena wasn't in the way!! ;)

Hmmm, I've been really feeling like going on a juice feast again!
Soo.. once we get organized and save up a bit, I think I may enter the realm of juice feasting again.... ;)


Paulina said...

I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog for the details :)

Balazs said...

I like your positive attitude.
Its a very good idea to dance every day, I try it. We should not forget how lucky we are tolive on thins beautiful planet.
Nice pics!


BeeARawFoodie said...

Great Music Selections! I'll add them to my itunes mix.
Thanks for posting all the pics! You rock! Jump to the rhythim Jump! Boogie On!

ajchanter said...

Paulina: Ohhhhhh thank you so much! I will respond in my nxt post! :)

Balazs: Thank-you (; hehe, yes, certainly, keep dancing!!

BeeARawFoodie: hehe (: thanx! I enjoy taking photos, so I always load them all onto my blog :) hehe:)