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Sorry, It's been a while since my last post! :)
♥ And I wanted to say Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day! ;) ♥

Yay, I'm happy because..
1) My mum has given up smoking!! :D I am SOO releived. Hopefully it will last (:
2) She is really giving it her all for the raw way of life!..
A few days ago, she asked me to take her 'before' picture!
I'm soooo lucky to have a mum like her! ♥

The 80/10/10 way is treating me very well! :)..
Except, I have adjusted it abit:
- I still do green juice
- I am using up my raw vegan supplements (enzymes, algae ect..)
-I've only technically been on 80/10/10 starting a few days ago as we bought a box of gorgeous organic avocados (they were really cheap €18 for a box of 24+!). They were all ripening pretty fast, so I gobbled them up! :D hehe :) (not all over a day of course... but I did have, like, 3 a day:)

I have found one of my new favourite snacks ...
Orange juice soaked dates!
.. Although, usually I can only manage to eat a few of them, because my teeth have always been sensitive to either reallyyy sweet stuff, and only really cold stuff. We'll see if this improves! :)

Mmmm, oranges are all the rage with me at the moment!! :)
I'm going through like 2kg a day!! Ekk... not good for our budget!! :S

Ohhhhhhh, I'm excited...
I am going to be CATERING a Raw Food Lunch for a Yoga group!! :D
Woop woop!
The lunch is on the 28th of March. :)
Any ideas of a LIGHT (the lunch is IN BETWEEN yoga sessions) raw food dishes I could serve!? :)
They have sessions every month.
This month.. the 28th of Feb, I'm going to bring Green Juice to the group! :D

My mum absolutely LOVES the nut milk I make her!!

All it is is (raw) Almond milk that I make by blending soaked almonds with water and then straining it through a nut milk bag, a spoon full coconut butter, a dash of vanilla and voila! :)
A healthy milk alternative! :)

Ohhhhhh, I had the loveliest mango over the weekend!!!..

SOO juicy and ripe!! :D
Bon Appétit! :)
Spread the L
♥♥♥♥ve :)


Balazs said...

ITs great! I am happy for your mom.
haha, 2kg of oranges is not much, there are days when I eat 6 kg, or more :)
Those avocados and mango looks great btw.