Off to INDIA... TOMORROW!!!!

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Chirimoya love! :)
Hello dear ones!
I know, I know I have been naughtily absent these last couple of weeks... as usual, a lot of stuff going on, including exams this week, but among the normal lerks a last minute trip to INDIA!!!!!!!
And I am going for a MONTH!

I really can't quite believe it myself!... Will be flying to Mumbai tomorrow morning, staying a few days there, then going off to an Ashram nearby to do meditation and yoga, then off to GOA by train to stay 1st at an eco retreat centre Bhakti Kutir ( for around 2 weeks, where I will be working on an organic farm, and also in the kitchen of their organic café to do some raw food! We will then be off to another retreat center The Lotus ( where David will be giving a yoga retreat and I will be doing raw food demos (OMG I am SO nervous!)!!!

And no, I'm not going alone! I am going with my dear flatmate David! His social bussiness AOM is funding the entire trip for me as it is a WORK EXPERIENCE trip more than anything! For this, I am eternally grateful and in awe of his genersity! But it WILL be the FIRST time I have been away from my parents for xmas! I will miss them sooo much, and my brother too!

It is quite daring as I have more important exams after the holidays and I am coming back just 3 DAYS before them!!!!!!!!! BUT I guessed that this is a one of a lifetime oppotunity and it would be ungrateful to let it down.

I will post piccies asap, as I will have certain internet for the first few days at least... but I need to go finish packing now!! :D

Hope everyone is having a mind boggling, love-filled day!

Dragon fruit

Two of are growing kitties! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow such an amazing opportunity!!. Hope you have a wonderful time there, I am sure you will, take lots of photos ;) and take care! :)

Mayra xx